Nadya Suleman Shuns Fame, Gives Interview

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Nadya Suleman must be aiming for a career as a comedian.

The clinically-insane woman, best known as "Octomom," tells the latest issue of Life & Style, that she has no interest in fame. We haven't laughed so hard at a statement since Spencer Pratt said Heidi Montag was a good singer.


Breaking entertainment news: Nadya Suleman hates fame! Brangela is fighting! Robert Pattinson is doing Nikki Reed!

Here's what else Suleman had to say in the interview:

On George Clooney: “I actually used to want to become a doctor, and it was because of him. I’ve always thought he’s absolutely beautiful.”

On starring in a pornography: “For $100 million I wouldn’t do it. It’s an insult to my values.”

On having her boobs: “[My lips are real.] I had a breast reduction, not an enlargement. I went from a D-cup down to a C before I ever had children.”

On working a stripper: “I’ve never worked as a stripper in my life. Absolutely not.”

On doing a reality TV show: “Absolutely not! I have no interest in being famous. I’d love to vanish from the public eye as soon as I can."

The best way to do that? Give an interview to a tabloid with a weekly circulation of over 680,000 copies.


Ha, she should be a comedian and tell that joke every time because it won't get old! Fame whore...


haha that last line is really funny


Unfortunately, the one thing Nadya didn't count on was the intense dislike and hatred the public has for her. No one has any interest in helping her. If she wants public funding, she better stop spending $1,000 on one shopping spree for makeup alone. Nothing will make Nadya look good. She is ugly inside and out.


She's going to apply for welfare or WIC? What happened to all the money she's gotten for interviews, etc.? She's spent it all on expensive clothes, having her nails done but not on her kids. She's a mental case. I hope they take those poor kids away from her. They deserve a lot better. 18 years is a long long time to feed and clothe those children and it just gets more expensive every year. She's bitten off more than she can chew IMO. I just hope no harm comes to those children while they're in her care. The novelty will wear off. Those kids are here to stay, they're not toys that you can throw in a corner when you're bored with them.


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