Nadya Suleman Brings Final Octuplet Home

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The Octofamily can finally have dinner as a whole tonight.


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    i dont know why everyone in the us has some thing bad to say about nadya she may not work but no one knows if she takes care of her kids or not so i think everyone should just shut the hek up an let her live her life and every one eles should live there lives and stop worrying about everyone else


    "The Octofamily can finally have dinner as a whole tonight."

    Hey, Nadya's family always has dinner as a-holes. There's Grandpa A-Hole, Grandma A-Hole, all the little a-holes, and the queen of the rectums--Nadya A-Hole herself. Now she is one ugly, stupid skank. And guess what, she is a crook, a liar, and a sorry POS, too. Pleeeeze, put a bag over that thing!!!!


    Don't forget the tummy tuck, what a lucky child she is!


    If she is so concerned about the welfare of her children, than why doesn't she breast feed these 8 babies? They could use the natural mothers breast milk for nutrients. I read she has had a breast milk doner at the hospital, for the last baby for sure! Why isn't she breast feeding her own child! Oh that would mean spending time with them, even when she's busy or tired! I forgot that would be too much to ask of her... I would like to see her attempt to care for her kids, like do the laundry, dishes, clean the house, take care of her children! I can't believe she thinks all she should have to do is play with them and let everyone else tow the rope on the real work. She lives in a fantasy land bubble!


    "We can only imagine how long the line for the bathroom was this morning!"

    Amazing!!! Only 2 1/2 months old and already using the grown-up potty!


    For someone who is supposed to have been hard up for cash, all you ever see her wearing is Hollister and we all know that isn't too cheap. Maybe she should spend her money on the kids and not just herself

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