Mischa Barton Tests Boundaries of Celebrity Fashion, Boyfriends

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We aren't even gonna call the fashion police on Mischa Barton for the following accessory.

We're just gonna make a citizen's arrest and send the thin actress straight to jail.

Minka Kelly Emmys Dress

In the following photograph, it looks like a bird carcass dropped from the sky and landed on Barton's head.

The only thing distracting our staff from the ridiculous hat is the equally ridiculous-looking dude with his arm around Mischa. Is this her new boyfriend, British comedian Noel Fielding?

If so, it begs the question below...

Which is uglier: Mischa Barton's hat or her boyfriend?


OMG!!! that is in no way shape or form Noel Fielding! Noel is way hot and that guy is..well... NOT!!!


Like everyone said, that's definitely not Noel Fielding!


Beautiful photo of a cat riding a watermelon into the ocean.


Noel's nose is bigger than that and Noel would never wear something as hideous as that outfit. Plus Noel has taste in women, hello he did date Dee Plume for over a decade even if it was on off.


bahahahahahhahahhahahahahahahahaha that is NOT noel fielding lololol dipshitss


You idiot, that's not Noel Fielding, who has a girlfriend and is happily committed, despite reports of being with everyone. These pictures are driving me insane. That is the Rev, formerly of Towers of London, a great musician.


ok the hat looks like a bird on her head and since the feathers are the same color as her head it looks like hair/feathers ttlly ugly


How do you people think that is Noel? He is waaay better looking than that, are you blind, stupid or just wanting to stir up trouble?


lmfao, that doesn't look ANYTHING like noel fielding. :|


That isn't Noel Fielding. Noel is much uglier than that.

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