Miley Cyrus "Torn" Between Justin Gaston, Nick Jonas

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Miley Cyrus has some bad news for Justin Gaston, according to a report in today's New York Daily News. She wants to get back with her ex, Nick Jonas.

Despite dating 20-year-old underwear model-musician Gaston for nearly eight months, Miley apparently says her heart belongs to Nick, her first love.

Destroyed by Daddy

The two - who split in 2007 - find it "impossible to stay apart."

“Miley and Nick want to get back together,” a source says. “They’re working together [on a new video], in close proximity to each other. They’re now spending more and more time together, and they’re constantly on the phone.”

When the two were seen on a lunch date at L.A.’s Village Idiot in mid-April, Miley Cyrus laughed off romance rumors, using the “just friends” line.

But do friends kiss? Do they cuddle? Justin Gaston may have reason to worry. When Miley and Nick get together these days, things hardly seem platonic.

“Miley was over at the Jonas house recently, and they were smooching," says the Daily News source. "Nick’s parents have this rule that when a girl is over, the door has to be open, but that didn’t stop Nick and Miley from making out.”

Nick Jonas and Miley Cyrus are “very sweet together,” but they do have squabbles - the insider says - like when it comes to telling Justin Gaston the truth.

The source says that when it comes to dumping Gaston, Miley turned on the waterworks recently, crying: “How do I tell him? I don’t know how to do this!”

Adds the insider, “She doesn’t know how to tell Justin that they are over, but Nick is being very firm with her. He’s a good, stand-up kind of guy, and is making Miley tell Justin very, very soon. He’s being tough about it.”

Some say the two are MFEO (made for each other). Miley recently told Ryan Seacrest, “Me and Nick talk all the time and he is one my best friends. We love each other, and I am happy we have been able to stay such good friends.”

But should they be - and are they already - more than that? Do you believe this story? Who do you think Miley Cyrus should date?


Nick is mine. Back offff.


Nick Jonas is mine so back off.


مرررررررررررررررررررررررررررره يانا سووووو عليهههههم


i think that feelings could conquer the mind when ur with the 1 u trully like. maybe she just got caught up with the moment and let things happen without thinking anymore. no proof so a complete gossip


i support whatever decision miley makes. clearly justin is wicked hot but miley and nick are like made for eachother, they r so cute!


Nick and I were meant to be.


hi i just thike mily is gona get hart.i dont thinke they sold be frids be cues selena and dime mily is gona loes every get me rung i licke them bothe i juest hate nick why move on


Ironically, there's no source/proof that any of this is true.


I think that Miley is gonna do what she thinks is best,
If shes with Nick or Justin,
Let it be,
We all know for a fact that she wouldnt be "making out" with Nick while dating Justin,
We all know that if her and Nick want each other,
gossiping about all this stuff wont do anything,
Miley is happy with Justin im guessing,
Theres not many rumors about them breaking up,
You cant say that she is making out with nick,
because were you at the house,
were you there when miley and nick got back together,
no because the only people that know the actual truth is miley,nick,and probably there own family,
id say that people need to learn how to just let things go and stop gossiping,
mileys proabably gonna do what she feels and everything happens for a reason,
sorry not to be mean.


Wow... I never thought that they'd actually get back together again!!! wth?! And Miley was makin out with Nick without even breaking up with her current bf first?! That's sooo messed up!! But no offense to Miley, I don't really think that Justin will be that devastated when she dumps him, just saying... But anyways, can't Nick just make up his mind?? Miley, Selena, now Miley again apparently.... arghhhhh it's so annoying! -Ami (JB and Demi luver :D)

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