Michelle Obama's Shoes: Love Em' or Shove 'Em?

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As if her multi-colored cardigan collection, affinity for reasonable J.Crew outfits and endless supply of adorable Jimmy Choo heels weren't enough ...

... Michelle Obama now rocks sneakers?

Yesterday, the First Lady of the United States and member of People's 100 Most Beautiful list visited the Capital Area Food Bank in D.C., where she helped assemble more than 2,000 bags of food for hungry children. How nice.

But what was even more awesome was her fashion - Michelle wore a typical J.Crew sweater, natch, but paired them with gray sneaks with a pink toe. OMG!

Well, technically they're not sneakers, according to fashion experts, just shoes - really unexpected ones by Lanvin that cost $540 at Barneys, in fact.

So they might not sell out as quickly as some previous Michelle Obama fashion ensembles. But hey, still neat. What other First Lady could pull this off!

What do you think of Michelle's sneakers/shoes? Vote in our survey to voice your opinion, then click to enlarge more photos of the fashionable Mrs. O ...


snetmhiog? It's not like we talk perfectly all of the time, especially when we're tired and what not. Do you really expect her to edit and re film every slip up, who would've thought the internet would care so much about grammar and spelling. Let it go we know how to speak properly.


que es hermosa y la quiero mucho !!!


Well first of all, its getting a little old with everyone having to comment on everything that the Obamas do or say. We need to unite as one and stay focused on the real issues at hand. The shoes that she bought with HER on money has nothing to do with us and the shoes will surely not make or break the real problems at hand, and to be frank about the situation, former president Bush spent more money on bailing his daughter out of jail for drinking and driving, but we overlooked that. Let's just let the Obamas live their lives in peace.


Bet you wouldn't say the same thing about Sarah Palin.


Michelle Obama-First Lady has paid her dues. She can wear whatever she pleases.! Its not about the outter, but inner. She has a heart for the people.! Go Michelle. :)


Fashion sense? Puh-leeze! It looks like she borrowed a pair of her daughters pants. Is that cameltoe I see? And $540 shoes at an event to help the poor and hungry? This woman has no common sense, let alone fashion sense.

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