Mel Gibson Giving It To Oksana Pochepa: Right or Wrong?

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Celebrity gossip outlets have judged Mel Gibson harshly over the years.

It's hard not to when the actor drove drunk, insulted Jewish people and referred to a police officer as "sugar tits."


But might the Internet be too swept up in the admission of Oksana Pochepa - pictured, a 24-year old Russian singer who says she's been carrying on a relationship with the actor - to consider one important fact:

Gibson and wife Robyn have been separated for almost three years. While divorce proceedings just got underway this week, the marriage has been over for a long time.

Does this get the Oscar-winner off the hook for banging a pop star that's younger than his daughter? Perhaps Gibson, a dedicated Catholic, figures he was already headed to Hell for his impending divorce... so why not get some young nookie in the meantime?

You tell us! Weigh in now: Was Mel Gibson wrong for sleeping with Oksana Pochepa?


This is not the first time that he has cheated on his wife. His disrespect of her went on for far too long. He has issues, I don't think that he loves any of these women; he just can keep his pants on and stay grounded. After a certain age you think people mature and understand value of a true relationship rather than meaningless sex.


She is younger than his daughter?!?!?!? That is truly gross!!!

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