Mel Gibson: Divorcee, Cheater and Church-Goer

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For all the controversy over gay marriage, abortion and the death penalty, few acts are as antithetical to the teachings of the Catholicism as divorce.

(To say nothing of cheating on your wife with a young Russian pop singer.)

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Therefore, all eyes were on Mel Gibson yesterday as he attended Church of the Holy Family in Malibu.

The actor had spent the prior week in Costa Rica, following news of his pending divorce and rumors of an affair with Oksana Grigorieva. How did the congregation treat its most famous member? Very well, reportedly.

"He was drinking coffee with church guests and seemed very relaxed," a witness told People about Gibson, who socialized with friends for an hour after Mass.

Considering his upcoming divorce, would you welcome Gibson back to your church?


Certainly Mel Gibson is a cheat, and what else. However, how about all those Hollywood blossoms who are so promiscuous and producing bastards who grow up to not know who their father is , not to say that their Mothers are not sure either !! Hollywood, a den of iniquity.


And this hypocrite said publicly his wife is going to hell for being an Episcopalian.
Mel: you are the best publicity for why catholics are going to pentocostal/fundamentalism than all the molestation scandals put together.
Oh, and your girlfriend looks like the Octomom.


Points and laughs at Mel .... sad little man that he is.... what woman would want him, but for his money,,,,if not for that no one would care about him,,,, male skank


there is acceptance and practice. Mel is good at the former but often fails at the latter.
e.g. most ppl accept that their money would be better used by dying Africans and they should give it to them, but the majority prefer to keep excessive amounts of cash for themselves at the expense of others lives.
another example is alcoholics anonymous. 1st step is to admit u are an alcoholic. it's better to make step 1 and fail at 2+ than just be in denial.


I think that most Americans are disappointed with how Mel Gibson has turned out. After impressing all of us with his unflinchingly relentless work (in the face of harsh criticism) the Christian film The Passion of the Christ, he has just been downhill all the way ever since. He's openly sworn at people in public, gotten arrested for DUI and now most recently has gotten caught up in adultery. His arrogant behavior is flagrantly un-Christian and he really needs to truly repent (i.e. change) if he wants to ever win back any admiration. Maybe this divorce will wake him up as he realizes that foolish, sinful actions have consequences and can't just be dismissed in a confessional.


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