Matt Giraud Eliminated from American Idol

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This was not funny, America.

While Matt Giraud was rightfully voted off American Idol last night, the major news from the evening was that he was joined in the bottom two by Adam Lambert.

We're trying to determine what could poisslbly be the explanation behind Lambert ever being among the lowest vote getters. Might it be backlash against the constant praise he receives? Millions of texting mistakes? Swine flu?

My Funny Valentine

As for Giraud, he reacted to his elimination with class.

"I'll definitely remember being the cat with nine lives up there," the singer said before launching into "My Funny Valentine" one more time. "It's definitely not the last time you'll see me. I want to thank Kalamazoo and Michigan for supporting me, and the judges for seeing something in me. I love you all, so, I can't wait."

Relive Giraud's time on the show below. Click on various pics of his performances for larger images...

Like The Fray
Trying to Stay Alive

The judges constantly ridicule him. Gokey and Allen get much more praise than him. In fact Gokey has never had bad praise at all. Adam has been called all sorts of things. Simon has said people would throw their television sets out of the window, rather than hear him sing. Please stop the lies. He has been called sleazy, theatry, awful and belonging to the rocky horror show. Only Paula likes him but she likes everyone. The Public don't care they love the guy!


Maybe Adam was in the bottom 3 because he won't stop screeching. I'd rather scratch my fingernails on a chalk board than hear him when he starts that!

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