Marisa Miller Bikini Pics: Wurth Every Penny

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After discovering this new batch of Marisa Miller bikini pictures, we had two thoughts:

  • Tomorrow is May 1. Why are these bikini pics from the 2009 Wurth calendar only coming out now? Perhaps because no one knows what Wurth is?
  • We are spending way too much time analyzing trivial matters, rather than enjoying the glorious nature of Marisa Miller bikini pics. Bad THG.

Click. Enlarge. Enjoy. These are Wurth your time ...

The Marisa Miller Workout


Great wsibete and post Tara! It was a pleasure meeting you at the event & I look forward to experiencing much success in SevenPoint2 with you and Jason!Jordan|


World Swimwear has such a great variety of swimsuits. Hot stuff.

Marisa Miller Biography

Marisa Miller Nude Marisa Miller is a super, duper model. She's best known for wearing nothing but body paint during shoots for the Sports Illustrated... More »
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Marisa Miller