Lo: Speidi is the New LC

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Lauren Conrad may be leaving The Hills, but as sad as that will be, her best friend forever Lo Bosworth does think the show can go on without her.

In fact, Lo thinks Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt, or collectively Speidi, could probably replace the leading lady as the "reality" series' main act.

"They get great press on their own, so there's always the possibility that the show can do really well with them as main parts," Lo Bosworth told E! Online at the IS vodka-sponsored opening of new Hollywood nightspot Halo.

Lo has officially joined Team Speidi! Sort of.

Lo thinks, however, that the current season five, which debuted last Monday on MTV, may not end ALL Lauren Conrad appearances on The Hills.

"[Lauren] hasn't filmed in weeks and she's really excited about that," Lo said. "I think she'll come back for special occasions and stuff."

"But we just don't know how many episodes she'll return for or if there will be another season. It's really just all up in the air," she added.

In truth, Speidi may already be the headlining act on The Hills. His laying the smack down on Cameron was the highlight of the season premiere, and as we reported, a Spencer and Heidi wedding is supposedly planned for the finale.

Oh, and Spencer already Twittered his approval of Lo's comments, in case you were wondering. He also posted a link to a teaser for Heidi's new music video:

Awesome ... easily a 9.5 out of 10 on the unintentional comedy scale. If you're a real glutton for punishment, follow the jump to hear the full "song" ...


i think she trying to be like britney spears


The hills already has too much Speidi. I turn the channel when they're on. Lauren is the star and Speidi is such a cheap imitation! It would be great if Lauren had a show without those two wannabes.


I've asked around all my friends here in the UK - and everyone was of the same opinion. They wouldn't watch The Hills without Lauren, and especially with Spiedi being the main characters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are too FAKE


I loved this show a few season's ago and I watched it last night. To my dismay the show is so scripted like a soap opera. Speidi's fight was so fake everytime Heidi stopped talking it appeared she wanted to laugh at herself. This has always been a guilty pleasure of mine since Laguna Beach but for reality this is just a waste of time. I'm not watching anymore. But if you like fashion keep watching..........loved the blue bag Heidi. We all need a pay check so Speidi do you! And also, no more surgeries plaese. your fine.


if it's true.. then the only reason people watch the speidi version of the hills is to see lauren

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