Linda Hogan: Afraid of Murder, In Need of Money

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Following Hulk Hogan's comments that he can "understand" why O.J. Simpson brutally murdered his ex-wife and her lover, Linda Hogan is more scared than ever of the former wrestler. That's understandable.

But asking for ridiculous amounts of money from him, under the guise of protecting herself? Not as understandable.

Better Times

According to TMZ, Linda has asked a Florida court to make Hulk fork over an additional $8,200 a month so she can move to California. She claims she's in “imminent danger of becoming a victim," and, as a result, also wants $24,000 for "advanced rent and security deposits."

Hmmm, has Linda really thought this through? Will asking for $100,000 a year out of her ex-husband's bank account really make Hulk Hogan less inclined to carve her up?

This is one divorce battle that has already resulted in two losers.


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She is gorgeous and hot.


She looks like a used up rag doll. Old, moneygrubbing gold digger. She needs to get some values.


She is such a ho!


She's such an idiot! Has anyone actually read the WHOLE interview? Media has taken this way out of context. Read the whole thing, and get over it! Team Hogan!


Linda, Are you for real?