Kristen Dalton or Carrie Prejean: Who Would You Rather ...

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Last night, Kristen Dalton claimed the title of Miss USA 2009. The North Carolina native (left) broke down in tears after defeating her chief, Californian rival.

But second-place finisher Carrie Prejean claimed an honor of her own, winning Miss Homophobic Airhead. Much as we hate to say it ... gulp ... Team Perez!

Kristen Dalton Photo
Carrie Prejean Race Day Photo

Putting aside the controversy surrounding runner-up Prejean - who says her gay marriage stance cost her the title won by Dalton, one simple fact remains:

These chicks are hot!

Marriage, schmarriage. The question is which of these two blonde beauty queens would you award a perfect 10 ... in terms of wanting to see in the sack!?

Tell us in our survey below!

Who would you rather ...

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She won it fair and square. Don't overlook the national treasure who actually is Miss USA! Here's a little bit about her ... The state's second winner of the coveted beauty queen crown after 2005 champ Chelsea Cooley, Dalton won both the swimsuit and evening gown competitions during the finals on her way to being named Miss USA at the end


hehe of course this poll is going to favor Carrie instead of Kristen. After all look its say Hollywood and that's in California. However won't change the fact that Kristen going for Miss Universe and Carrie will be sitting at home eating bolgna. hehe I bad. lol


She did not lose because of that question and its funny she got so many folks believing that she did. There have been many types of questions asked that were kinda of off the wall . Many of those contestants have gone on to win.
Carrie is simple a bad loser. Nothing more....


First, Let me say I am christian woman, however I am not religious.
Thank God Carrie Prejean did not win!! That young woman is nothing more than sore loser. So glad she finally got herself fired!
While Kristen may or may not win. I am glad to see her respenting USA. She's not some whiner like Carrie is....


Don't ask a question if you're not prepared to hear an answer that is different from what YOU want. I think Carrie was extremely brave to take a stance. She answered the question exactly as she believed - even though it cost her the crown. To do this was extremely brave on her part. You go girl, Carrie. Stand up for what you believe!!


Congratulations Carrie for shed the shackles of political correctness and answered with integrity. I haven't watched the pageant in many years and can't believe what it has become. Listening to the rants of the vile Mr. Perez reminded me of a professional wrestling match. Is that what Donald Trump wants????? This is a poster perfect example of how our politically correct world is being manipulated by a vile loud mouthed minorities who view freedom as being free to agree with them. There are many countries around the world that are governed by this doctrine. Other freedoms mean nothing if we can't preserve the fundamentals.


God bless you for embracing your faith carrie. This country - a great nation founded on Christian values and ideals has become a place where Christians are condemed and mocked for our beliefs! God filled you with courage on stage and will bless you for standing up for Him & using your position to minister to the thousands watching the program & even more still as the media covers this so-called "controversy" what has happened to the US when a steadfast Christian stands for her values & beliefs in the face of criticism is labeled a hateful homophobe but a terrorist is called an "overseas contigent" yikes!!! You won! You stayed true to yourself & God. I will pray that many young women look to you as the role model you are! Thank God there are still some in the spotlight willing to stand for God.


Ana, you make a claim how ignorant everyone else is which is pretty rude. Take a step back and think about what your reference to the word 'founded'. Your reference to Roosevelt falls AT LEAST 125 years after this country was founded (i'm not going to spend the time to do your homework as to the exact year) using a president who was the founder of the "progressive" movement. He was among the first generation who was not steeped in the history of founding fathers and why they thought G-d played such a crucial role in the lives of people of the US. I'm not Christian so you don't your hat to hang there either. Go look it up and study your history dood!! It's good for everyone to take a complete look at the whole American picture.


Carrie answered a direct question with a direct answer.
How sad that the "liberals" cant handle her response.
Apparently this young lady has beauty, heart and courage.
You are what we Americans call an example.....but here is the best part....your a GOOD one. Keep your chin up sweetheart, a lot of us are keeping you in our prayers.


Carrie, Congratulations!! You are the true winner. Thank you for sticking to your beliefs, and God will reward you. God Bless,
Cal Pa

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