Kim Kardashian to Octomom: Kopy Kat!

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The Octomom, Nadya Suleman, has faced numerous critics over the last few months. It would be challenging to find an individual that is not disgusted by the selfish, fame-driven new mother of eight babies.

Now, though, the mentally unbalanced Angelina Jolie wannabe has really crossed the line: she's pissed off Kim Kardashian.

Outside Barney's

In a recent blog entry, the self-described fashion icon calls out Suleman for copying her look.

"Why is Octomom wearing my Jimmy Choo sunglasses!?" Kardashian asks. "I think it's a little ridiculous that she claims she has no money and is on welfare to take care of her 14 children, yet she is out shopping and buying Jimmy Choo sunglasses... I guess she'd rather spend her octo-dollars on accessories. Aren't 14 accessories enough, Octomom??"

Is Octomom stealing Kim Kardashian's look? Or is anyone entitled to make herself look ridiculous in a pair of gigantic sunglasses?

The hideous sunglasses in question cost approximately $300... if you purchase the original pair.

However, Target does offer a version that costs $16.99. Kardashian might wanna do some research before launching into her next tirade.

While we find Suleman to be a pathetic, attention-seeking individual, it's hard to side with someone that labels Jimmy Choo as her sunglasses. We didn't know you patented those, Kim.

Will you also take issue with the next celebrity to release a sex tape?


Is that Kim or Nadya?.Anyhow what the heck is Kim complaining about she thinks she's Marilyn Monroe or Elizabeth Taylor.Anyhow Nadya Kim,Angelina Jolie and Naya are all twins.


Kim Kardashian, with all her recent plastic surgeries, looks like she and Nadya Suleman could be twins.


Kim Kardashian, with all her recent plastic surgeries, looks like she and Nadya Suleman could be twins.


Kim, get a life. If my wife buys a pair of imitation sunglasses, I guess she wants to be you. My wife is NATURALLY beautiful at 51 while you may be under the knife at 40. Buy $300 glasses because of a name is nutz. It matches the $2000 purses that idiots buy when you can't tell the difference to a $150 bag.
You can afford it because people want to give you money. Is octomom cutting into your income?
Leave Nadya alone.


Kim Kardashian looks just like Octomom since kim had plastic surgery on her face.looks like twin sisters


she thinks she is angelina joline please GIVE ME A BREAK HAS SHE LOOKED IN THE MIRROR LATELY HAHAH LOL


Nadia is a ugly crazy bitch! She is trying to get free money. She needs to be behind bars where she can learn to be normal and know what real life is! She lives in a fantasy world. Poor Octo hag someone needs to help her get pyschiatric treatment. She needs a pyschiatrist not a reality show shes just a freak from another planet! SHe is so hidious i cannot stomache to look at her ugly face another minute on the nancy graceshow or showbiz tonite please take that hag off the air it is getting old!


Octo hag has had it with herself she is just a crazy ass wannabe BITCH She needs to be put in a mental institution and someone needs to adopt the babies so that they grow up normal!!! OCTOHAG IS ON THE LOSE BEWARE OF THE UGLY OCTO HAG WANNA BE


Yes, we are all appauled by Nadia. S. one minute, she says no reality show now she is in talks & about to sign a deal. The good news is that it will stop costing the tax payers money & if there is away to make her payback the money, then it should certainly be done...Now as far as Kim K. saying that Nadia stole her look, really...give me a break. Kim should sit down & watch her reality show start to finish, she may then realize that regardless of raitings, she is an idiot!!!! I have never watched the show, but seen enough clips to know I have better things to with my time. There are no limits to what people will do for money, the Kardashians are no exception even if they make themselves & the people who care about them look like fools...It doesn't matter, because all they want is the money in the bank...

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