Keira Knightley PSA Hits Too Close to Home For Censors

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Keira Knightley's dramatic anti-domestic violence PSA, which debuted earlier this month, was apparently a little too hard-hitting for the British censors.

British advertising watchdog Clearcast has demanded cuts - pun not intended - be made to Cut, the ad Knightley starred in for the U.K. charity Women's Aid.

The ad group claims that final scenes, in which the star comes home and her boyfriend absolutely goes Chris Brown on her, is too shocking for TV audiences.

Women's Aid has already come forward to defend the ad, in which Keira is slapped, pushed to the ground and repeatedly kicked, and to denounce the ruling.

Here's the graphic ad - viewer discretion is advised:

"We were very careful to reflect what we had heard from anecdotal evidence," charity spokeswoman Lucy Brown said, adding that the charity has been successful in both raising public awareness and getting a strong, positive response to the spot.

The ad, directed by Joe Wright, who also directed a nude Keira Knightley in Atonement, is still available online, where it has been viewed more than 1 million times.

But without the edits, Clearcast won't allow it on British TV.

What do you think? Too much, or important to get the point across?


Too shocking? Right. As if this is far worse than the violent video games that 8 year olds are playing or all of the cop shows currently airing by the tonnes. The very things that are UNNECESSARY violence seem to be okay in our culture, yet a public service announcement shouldn't be blunt in the slightest? Most people would find it much more "shocking" when their neighbours, family members or friends fall victim to domestic violence. Or perhaps when they find THEMSELVES victims to this horrid fate, which can be avoided by awareness. And awareness doesn't come tied up in a pretty pink - politically 'correct' - ribbon. Britain needs to wake up.


I don't think it is very hardcore because this is probably less than what those husbands/boyfriends really do. The boyfriends/husbands really hurt the women. This is moderately less than what Chris Brown did. I did like the way that the message was being addressed to the audience.


It gets the message across but I can see why they don't want it on British TV, it's very hardcore. I couldn't think of any other owrd!