Kathy Griffin: Not Terrible Looking!

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Kathy Griffin has risen to fame through her self-created Bravo series, My Life on the D-List.

Based on a recent photo shoot for OK!, however, the comedian might need to star in a new show: My Life on the Hot 48-Year Old List.

Kathy Griffin and Levi Johnston

The comic, best known for bashing America's celebrity-obsessed culture, shows off her surprisingly banging bikini body in a series of cute pictures. But don't drool too much, fellas.

“I am more than a golden, tanned sexpot. I am a woman, damn it, with thoughts and feelings!” she jokes to the magazine.

Click on the pics above to enlarge photos of Kathy Griffin in a bikini.

What about those small boobs, Kathy? Are they real?

"My breasts are very real and very floppy. Why have surgery when you could just get a good freaking bra?"

We have no idea. You tell us, Heidi Montag!


Why OK Mag Why, god this b_____h is ugly!!!


I c there's no comments on this one, wonder why, my mom looks better than you, and if you didn't know it you can be funny and still be a christian, how's your (God) Emmy Award, you use people to get famous, you disses people and Jesus to get famous, hope you don't get far,


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