Kanye West Embraces Amber Rose... Nude

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Amber Rose is not shy about her body.

Based on a new ad ad campaign for a line of Louis Vuitton sneakers, neither is boyfriend Kanya West.

An Amber Rose Pucker

In the photo below, the rapper/producer/designer/voice of a generation/God's gift to entertainment poses alongside his birthday-suit wearing companion.


This is an ad campaign for Kanye West's new line of footwear. Naturally. That explains why his girlfriend, Amber Rose, is lying face down, naked.

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i wanna f*** her soo bad


Its so so cute,i luv u kanye lol


Kanye is an embarrassment to the Youth. He look like he is hooked on drugs. He will be at the bottom of the barrel within a year.


OMG, she is so hot I don't why she didn't show everything and get it over with already!


I hope his energy drinks are more affordable than his Louis Vuiton Don's! People in the music industry need to think about how they would never be that big if all the little people wouldn't buy your music. To show your appreciation to the people who put you on the map you smack em in the face with some shoes the average person can't afford... go figure, retrace your steps, don't step on your peeps with them new Don's!