Jordana Brewster Heats Up Maxim

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There once was a time Jordana Brewster was the next big thing, dating Derek Jeter, posing in magazines, starring in various productions (none are coming to mind this second) and generally being hot. But then she kind of disappeared.

Fortunately, Jordana's new movie, Fast and Furious, has pushed her back into the spotlight somewhat, as has her sexy recurring role as evil agent Jill on NBC's Chuck.

Jordana Brewster in Maxim

And she's still rather good-looking, as you can see:

LIFE IN THE FAST LANE: This describes Fast and Furious more than Jordanna's career, but hey, we're not complaining. Except about Derek Jeter. How does he do it?

Yup, you can see what made this girl and almost-star way back when. Click to enlarge some more photos of Jordana Brewster in Maxim magazine below ...


...i'm your biggest fan here in the philippines...!!!!!
...i like you playing the role of lucy diamond..!!!!


....yeah jordana...!!!!!!!!!


Jordana, sometimes, I want to meet you..You know? I like you as can do your acting very well until I think you really-really loves Amy..just kidding..I think your tallent in acting is very very big gives from God..God bless you


you are the most beautiful person in the worl, Jordana..Jesus loves you..


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Actress is best known for who she's dated (Marky Mark, Derek Jeter). But maybe someday Jordana Brewster will receive publicity for being... More »
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