Jennifer Love Hewitt and Jamie Kennedy Continue to Make Us Nauseous

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It would be one thing if Jennifer Love Hewitt was simply dating dorky actor Jamie Kennedy.

But must these two gush over their relationship every time they see a camera?!? They're starting to make Tom Cruise's couch-jumping appearance on Oprah look calm by comparison.

The latest nauseating lovefest/interview took place at this week's LG Rumor2 party. Kennedy told E! News about playing games with Hewitt's mother.

“I go over to her mom’s house to play charades,” the annoying actor said. “I’m dead serious. It’s really true.”

Kennedy added that Jennifer’s brother, Todd, gave his blessing to the relationship, as life is apparently going so well for these co-stars that they've been spending a lot of time with each other's families.

What about starting their own family someday? Kennedy wouldn't get specific (which was shocking; we figured he'd explain just how he'd take Jennifer Love Hewitt nude and knock her up), but he did praise his girlfriend's maternal instincts.

"I just think she’d be an amazing mom,” the actor said, as he held Hewitt’s hand. “She’s an amazing person.”

Seriously, Jamie, calm down. We've seen The Ghost Whisperer. It isn't that good.


I simply love Jennifer and have come to like Jamie from being on Ghost Whisperer, which I might add is on my top five of shows, along side CSI: Miami (love me some "H"). Although their dating is news to me, SO what if they are "Lovey Dovey"! All new couples go through it, so why don't you people that have a problem with them, grow up! If you don't want to see the romance between them then change the channel or go to another web page. Personally, I'm HAPPY for Jennifer if she is happy. She seems to be a really nice person and I think she deserves some happiness. And if that happiness is with Jamie Kennedy then who are you to judge? I say you go and enjoy your time with the one that makes you happy. YEAH JENNIFER, GOOD FOR YOU.


Jennifer is the most amazing and sweetest person. I've never seen anybody bubble from the inside out like her. Her eyes tell a thousand stories and her smile is a "feel good" for anyone who sees it. She's real and I'm so happy for the both of them.


Dude is fugly; proof positive that humor can pull in the ladies.

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