Ex-NBA Star Jayson Williams Suicidal, Tased By Cops

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Former New Jersey Nets star Jayson Williams is currently under psychological evaluation after acting "suicidal" and "violent" in a New York hotel room this morning.

According to the New York Post, cops were forced to remove Williams from his Manhattan hotel room at around 4 a.m. today after he allegedly went ballistic.

He barricaded himself inside - trashing the room in the process.

Cops were forced to use "an electrical device" to subdue Jayson Williams - a.k.a. a taser - and then shipped him off to the St. Vincent's Hospital for evaluation.

Sources say the original 911 call was made by a female friend of Williams at 4:28 a.m., who indicated that prescription drugs and/or alcohol were a factor.

Cops found empty bottles of prescription drugs in the room.

Williams was acquitted of aggravated manslaughter after the 2002 accidental shooting death of his limo driver, 55-year-old Costas "Gus" Christofi.

He also currently faces a retrial for reckless manslaughter, and has a looming May 12 hearing in his divorce case filed by his estranged wife, Tanya.

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