Jamie Foxx to Miley Cyrus: Make a Sex Tape! Get a Gum Transplant!

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Last week, we published a story about how much Miley Cyrus hates on Robert Pattinson. The criticism got Pattinson's fans all fired up.

Now, it looks like Miley might need supporters to rush to her defense.

On Sunday's edition of his Sirius Satellite Radio Show, The Foxxhole, actor Jamie Foxx lashed out - really, really lashed out! - at the Hannah Montana star.

The Oscar-winner went on a tirade after a caller mentioned an incident that took place last month: Cyrus pledged to "ruin" Radiohead after the band refused to meet her backstage at the Grammy Awards.

"Who is Miley Cyrus?" Foxx asked. "The one with all the gums? She's got to get a gum transplant!"

He wasn't done taking Miley to task. Other insults levied her way included:

  • "Make a sex tape and grow up!"
  • "Get like Britney Spears and do some heroin!"
  • "Do like Lindsay Lohan … and get some crack in your pipe!"

Listen to the radio show rant now and leave a comment below. Do you think Foxx was out of line?

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So when is the racist Al Sharpton going to crawl out from under his rock and do to Foxx what he did to Imus? Yea Right!


you guys should just stop criticizing people.havent you guys ever been made fun of?heartbroken?satrs are stilll people.especially jamie saying that who does he think he is??he just mad ,jealous or something.thats the only reason people make fun or hurt someone else is because there better likedso they have to say something to be noticed.an dthats just rude who all say stupid things...i dont like miley that much but i dont say rude things ...like i said you only say rude things because your jelous or sumthing.


What a surprise!!! A black man being racist, no way! And, of course, the media isn't going to call him out on it.


That's not a very nice thing to say, I like Miley Cyrus, I think she's talented, and gorgeous!!!! Miley is a christian and loves God with all her heart so i doubt very seriously that she'll end up like Britney or Lindsay. Keep on dreaming! And keep your rude comments to yourself. You're just jealous that she's more famous than you!


I believe that this was totally out of line. Jamie you are suppose to be an adult. Miley is a teenager. You lost a fan


I hope this causes a major career setback for him, then finally he will know to shut up for once and for all.


just another black asshole bad mouth a white girl because she make more money them him i take his ass to court for that MILEY CYRUS RULES............................


I think that Jamie needs to grow up. How dare a 41 year old man say that about a 16 year old girl. You just lost a fan Jamie and that is the truth. I hope they cancel your radio show over this.


miley cant run around bad mouthing everyone on the planet and not expect to have it come back to bite her... its a lesson learned... it was funny its was over the top but thats what entertainment is all about...what goes around always comes around


Miley had it coming!!! I am so sick of her "lesbo" comments, Jamie is just funny and honest, I am with you Foxx !!!!!! This is a free country and everyone is entitled to an opinion!!!

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