Hugh Hefner: Totally in Love with Crystal Harris... and the Shannon Twins

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Considering the constant parade of beautiful women in his bedroom, Hugh Hefner is not one to dwell on the past.

That's why he's confused about a report this week that claimed he wanted Holly Madison to move back into the Playboy Mansion (either that, or Hef is suffering from dementia; the guy is really, really old).

"I have no idea where these crazy stories come from," Hefner said in a statement. "The idea that I'm pining over former girlfriend Holly Madison and would 'welcome her back with open arms' is pure fiction. It was invented by someone to create publicity."

Hef said he doesn't think of Madison in that way anymore. After all, the guy is totally smitten with one to three women.

"I'm in love with Crystal Harris (pictured) and wouldn't trade her or the Shannon Twins for anyone in the past," he said. "Holly will always be welcome here at the mansion, but not as a girlfriend. I think she's happy now, and I know I am."

No offense to Holly, but Hef appears to have made the right decision. Harris is the hottest girlfriend he's had yet. We present the following photos of her as evidence:

Crystal Harris Photo
Crystal Harris Pic

I just heard that stupid cow on Howard Stern..perfect guy to go to, huh? He is an ass himself...I am totally appalled!! What a trailer trash, butt ugly, ignorant, disrespectful little ho bag....and that's being nice! STFU AND GO AWAY LITTLE GOLD DIGGER!!!
Holly is the only one who really cared about Hef in my opinion...and I just used to love GND because of her, Kendra and that darling little Bridget! That PIG Crystal needs a wake up call and go back to wherever the Hell she came from...which IS probably Hell!! hahaha..screw her Hef, you are a legend, always will be and you have such high values and standards YOU will always be the master of all things classy to me!! I love you no matter what!!!


heyyyyyy my comment didnt show. =( SCREW YOU CRYSTAL AND THE TWINS. you ruined GND.


i was a massive fan of Girls Next Door when Holly, bridget and Kendra was in it. Now i dont watch it at all. Hate the new girls. they are tottally in it for the money and fame.
that crystal girl trys to laugh and act like holly. pfft whatever hoe. Holly was the best for Hef. she truley loved him.
but i hope holly, kendra and bridget the best and hopes Hef dumps those new fake gfs asap.


aww. poor hugh. holly was the best. along with kendra and brigette. holly was your best girl. tsk


Is that an old Nanny called "Crystal Harris" trying to seduce Uncle Hefner to bite her two big" Chinese steamed breads" and eat her big chicken legs?


I love the "Girls Next Door" with Holly, Bridget and Kendra.I think they have great personalities and Holly loved Hugh Hefner indeed . Oppositely I hate Crystal Harris, she is such a gold digger, she likes acting like a baby pig and being fake.She is not sexy and all I can see from her are two big "Chinese steamed breads" stuck on her chest. Oh God, how terrible is that!


I don't know why? the more I look at Cristal Harris, the more I think she must be a man before she is a bunny.No difference anyway.


you know what?i loved the original holly,kendra and brigette,there was love there from them to hef but these other 3 girls are nothin but white trashy hoes.NO class whatsoever and ill bet my life on it that they are with hef for his money and there quick shot at famous careers,fair enough if it keeps hef happy hes got plenty $$$ to go can tell(espesh the twins)that theyre with hef for all the wrong reasons,look at the body language,comments etc theyre like lost toddlers in the willy wonka factory!!!Hef, your a great guy but you can do soooooo much better.shame on you girls for taking advantage of this man.


Hef made a big mistake. no one competes to holly!! Crystal looks like a dog!


Hef is crazy. Watch the last episode of GND. He state Holly is the love of his life!!! He claims to be so liberated, in fact he is just a old dog. Honesty is he high priority (yeah right). I think the fans of GND deserve the truth about the breakup. The exiting commetary between he and Mary was just a bunch of BS. He should have been more respectful to both the girls and their fans.

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