Howard K. Stern is Innocent, Claims Shameless Lawyer

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Howard K. Stern will have his day in court. Just not yet.

A judge has delayed the arraignment of Anna Nicole Smith's former lover on felony charges that he conspired with a pair of doctors to provide the model with hundreds of prescription drugs that led to her 2007 overdose.

Along with evil Dr. Khristine Eroshevich, Stern will enter his official plea on May 13.

At a news conference outside the courthouse, however, Stern's lawyer entered an unofficial plea:

"Howard is innocent," attorney Steve Sadow sad. "Let me repeat, he is innocent."

Howard, Howard, why are you such an awful person?


I agree with what jt says,yes when any body like Anna Nicole was,she could get any one to get her drugs,she was on drugs before she ever meet Howard,People should not cut him down like they do,If Big Moe ever writes a Book I will be the first to buy it,I believe he knows more than any one,HANG IN THERE hOWARD I AM BEHIND YOU 100%


Anna did whatever she wanted with her life.She made her own choices.She used friends, assistants to get drugs.She started to abuse drugs when she was very young girl.She was on rehab in 1995. after overdose.She chose drugs.According to Larry Birkhead's testimony Anna gave Ecstasy and Methadone to her son.
Birkhead also said Daniel STOLE Anna's Methadone.