Hollie Steel to Susan Boyle: Bring It!

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Forget Adam Lambert vs. Danny Gokey on American Idol.

The true reality singing competition is across the Atlantic, as early favorites Susan Boyle and Hollie Steel prepare for a showdown on Britain's Got Talent.

Boyle, of course, has earned national acclaim through her age, appearance and incredible voice. But Steel, only 10 years old, is coming on strong.

Who will win Britain's Got Talent?

When asked about her rival, Steel held nothing back:

“I like her new look, but I think it looked better before. My advice to Susan would be, ‘Don’t change your look [more] because if you change your look you won’t be who you are,'" Hollie said to Extra.

The young singer also has a message for Boyle: "Good luck and I hope I can beat you."

It is so on.

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I want them both to win!


I agree with Hollie Steel that Susan shouldn't change her look. Hollie Steel acted like a little brat when she said, "I hope I can beat you." I think Hollie needs more experience in social graces and good sportsmanship. Plus, it is Susan who deserves to win because this is the only opportunity Susan has for her dreams to come true after she self-sacrificially put her life on hold to take care of her mother. Hollie and Shaheen have their whole lives ahead of themselves. I love you Susan and I hope you win!

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