Heidi Montag: Pregnant?

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The Hills' Heidi Montag apparently Twatted about an hour ago that she is pregnant. You can see this news for yourself in the screen-cap below.

Now, this could just be:

  1. A fake Heidi Montag Twitter page (with 136,271 idiots following it).
  2. The handiwork of hackers (this actually happened to her site awhile back regarding the Lauren Conrad sex tape fiasco).
  3. A surprisingly well-orchestrated April Fool's gag.

Otherwise... well, Spencer Pratt is procreating. A frightening thought ...

Is Heidi Montag really knocked up with the evil spawn of Spencer Pratt? And did she really just announce it via Twitter? What is the world coming to ...

We're just surprised that she didn't give props to God ... oh, wait, she Twatted about Him prior to the big news, at least. He should really get a Twitter page.

In other news, duck-lipped bimbo is still making music.

Montag was making the rounds promoting her newest single, entitled "Look How I'm Doin," on Ryan Seacrest's KIIS-FM radio show this morning.

She's bringing out the big guns for this one, too - not just her loser boyfriend / fiance / husband / maybe baby-daddy Spencer Pratt. The song was written by pro Cathy Dennis, who penned Katy Perry's "I Kissed a Girl" and Britney Spears' "Toxic."

Follow the jump to listen to Heidi's crappy song ...

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obviously not having a child. if she does god bless it, with the parents it has




she's a bitch.her song is bad my ears hurt.well done u guys we all love to hate u.if she has a baby mabe uts gonna be as ugly as spencer.


who would fake a pregancy?? i dont think shes faken did uu see her stomach at the red caspet? obiviously not all you fools think its a joke!! juss watch wen she has a baby!!!


OMG! This song is so bad!!! Her singing eve She is not a singer, not an actress, not a very good Christian, and what's left??? She got LUCKY landing an awkward 'role' in the Hills, and as a result has a fat bank account, and well, she IS married to a control freak loser who looks more like her brother than her husband, and comes across as a guy who needs to come out of the closet because he just tries TOO hard to be manly.


I think she is a ass hole


Oh Lord, my ears are bleeding profusely. Make it stop!


I found this site a few days ago and I just love it :D
It´s so funny to read this sarcastic and excellente reported gossip things ;) ... and with Heidi and her baby?
Haha, if this ever is going to be true: shit happens and it´s her own fault! Poor poooor girl >;P (by the way, sorry my english is not soo super-good)
lovely greets from Austria / Europe & ROCK ON!!!!


It's April's fool!


Oh my goodness... This was started by Perez Hilton's twitter page... They are totaly just playing around yall... Just to get THIS reaction...calm down. Damn. And by the way love the site, but look at all the replies between her and him and Pratt Brat before you flip a lid.