Eminem Skewers Celebrites, Urges Lindsay Lohan to Come Back to Semen

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Lindsay, please come back to semen. Samantha's a two, you're practically a 10...

And so begins Eminem's latest single, "We Made You," a song dedicated to the absolute skewering of a slew of celebrities.

Aside from being released a few days too late to make the above-referenced line appropriate, the single is spot-on.

No star is safe from Eminem's slights, as he...

  • Raps in the guise of Tony Romo, lining up under center, as Jessica Simpson hikes him a cheeseburger;
  • Hints at nailing Sarah Palin, while standing over a clone of Alaskan Governor straddling a desk;
  • Sits across from a fake Kim Kardashian, who eventually is fed into wood chipper... which converts her into dollar bills.

It's a classic video. Check it out below:


I love Eminem and all of his songs..He need to make fun of miley cyrus she needs to get her ass hit hard she is turning into a whore!! sorry but its true she is trying to get herself noticed by trying to act like everyone loves her...please she needs to be tooken off of little kids show..I would not want to my little kids to watch her...


That's Fuc*ing hilarious!!!!!