Elizabeth Edwards: Rielle Hunter is Pathetic

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In her new memoir, Resilience, Elizabeth Edwards reveals she vomited in a bathroom after learning of the affair between her husband, former U.S. Senator and presidential hopeful John Edwards, and weird videographer Rielle Hunter.

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    Elizabeth is stupid for taking him back. I'm sure she's just needy and afraid to be alone because of her illness. And I agree with Megan28. The spouse should have more respect.

    She's so pathetic. Can't even say reilles name.


    GOD that RIELLE is ONE UGLY DOG FACE LADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

    The baby is CUTE but most are..................................

    Riele or whatever is a PIG with the nose of or snout of one!
    What he saw in THIS "WHITE TRASH" is beyond well men are mostly pigs all they need is a brown bag to place over the womans head and they are pretty much happy with anything that rolls around the block......I BET HE GOT SOME STDS from HER ASS!!!!!! She probably has ALL of them!!!!! BITCH THAT SHE IS!



    what goes around comes around


    Who else but a tramp looking for trouble would change her name to "Rielle"??? What the hell?????


    I just can't get over how completely selfish John Edwards must be. 1) He cheats on his wife. 2) He does it just days after declaring his run for Presidency. Can you imagine if he was elected President and the country got dragged through this mess -- i.e. President's mistress, President's love child. Yuck. Show a little self-control if you're running for the highest office in the land. You're not animals after all. Frankly, I think John Edwards and Bill Clinton should be put in a zoo.

    It seems like more is going on here, though. I really wonder if John is still seeing this woman. I also wonder if he is kicked out of his house and living elsewhere as has been rumored. It seemed like there was still a lot of tension when Oprah filmed the scenes with John & Elizabeth. Like there's more going on than what they're saying.


    Whoever is writing those really mean comments about Elizabeth must be Rielle herself. Rielle clearly wasn't thinking about anyone else but herself. She likely has no true girlfriends because they all know deep down that she can't be trusted. John Edwards, you really screwed up and risked the most important thing in your life. your family. I hope they forgive you for their sake.


    well regradless of all the drama.. what a cute ass baby!!!! :D


    Youare so right.


    She's dying of cancer. Doesn't anyone have feelings for that? Before you cast your critique about what Mrs. Edwards says or thinks remember this could and may happen to you someday. None of us know how we may die or the suffering we may have before the end of our life. John Edwards loves his self so much he's incapable of love for anyone else.And Hunter is the lowest form of humanity to go after a dying woman's husband because she sees dollar signs ahead.


    It is amazing how the spouse is willing to forgive the cheating husband of wife, but hate the other person. The other person does not owe you respect, they could care less about you. It's your spouse that should respect you. So why do so many people have it so twisted. Just plain stupid way of thinking..........................

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