David Archuleta and Miley Cyrus: A Delightful Duet

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As rumors continue to swirl about a possible romance between Taylor Lautner and Selena Gomez, we've got more exciting news for our tween fan base.

David Archuleta has finished filming his guest-starring appearance on Hannah Montana - and we've got a sneak peak!

Last season's American Idol runner-up and Miley Cyrus sing a duet on the May 3 episode. Watch the clip below to get an early look at "I Wanna Know You," a song soon to be burning up iTunes playlists around the country...

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David Archuleta is pure, amazing, awesome talent! the sky is the limit for Archie! I'm not a fan of Miley Cirus; this will be my first time watching Hannah Montana. The song is very catchy, it sounds good. David's vocals are amazing!!!! he truly has a heavenly voice. I can't wait to watch this episode on TV and to buy the song on iTunes. Way to go David!!!


Cute and funny episode...and the duet is awesome. It should be on radio and itunes. David and Miley FTW!!!


i really love the song and the episode looks amazing, i can't wait to see this Hanna and David episode...David can act and he is so cute!! i love his voice!!


I love this duet.. David Archuleta's voice blends so beautifully! I want this song!! When is it going to be released to Itunes?? David Archuleta has come a long way .. he is certainly overcoming his shyness!!


Wow! I need this song on my iPod! Hope they'll release it. The two sound great together.


WOW... pleasantly surprised. David is a natural, we all know he can sing the phonebook...but he did really good with the acting. He is full of surprises. And the duet is great. She must have been auto tuned or something cause she normally doesn't sound like that. He on the other hand sounded so gooooddd!!! I hope they release it on itunes!


This better be on itunes... LOL I need this whole song. I'll admit im no miley fan(some of her songs are good though) but I really like both their voices on this song haha.


I really enjoyed that clip. I thought it was so funny and cute and that they did a great job on the duet!! I have watched hannah Montanna with my grand daughter and this was one of the funnier episodes. I hope that song goes on itunes fast because I want it!! David Archuleta did great with very little acting experience and they blended very well in the song!!


What can't David do??? He hits an "out of the park homerun" no matter what he does!!! He is such a "dearheart"!!! I loved the duet with Miley!!! They both sounded so well together!! David's vocals = a "chocolate cream pie with extra cream...so smooth and silky!!! He was fantastic at acting!!! I just thought he did so well with his part!!! He was just sooooo believable and funny!!! Miley did a great job too...both singing and acting!!! David and Miley FTW!!!! I will definitely buy this song on itunes and gift it to my grandchildren!!! It is a great, catchy song!!!!


WOW! David can sing with anyone. Love the tone of their voices together. He was funny, too.