Criss Angel to Perez Hilton: You're a Douchebag!

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Good luck choosing sides in this feud.

At the conclusion of his magic show in Las Vegas Friday night, Criss Angel called out celebrity gossip blogger Perez Hilton.

"I have to recognize someone special here in the house," said Angel, according to a witness. "Perez Hilton, please stand up.... We have the world's biggest douchebag asshole in the house!"

According to reports, Perez Hilton smiled broadly and replied: "Thanks for the free tickets."

Why did Angel berate the blogger?

Sources say those close to the magician - who has somehow dated Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears and Holly Madison - saw Hilton's Twitter page, which carried real-time updates of the supposedly awful show. They read: "unbelievably BAD!" and "I would rather be getting a root canal."

It's time to choose a side in this battle between blowhards. Whose team are you on?


Criss called a spade a spade. Personally I think we should throw the man a party. If Perez is going to criticize Criss over his show then I have this to say; Perez should put all of his time and energy into something worth while instead of acting like a the scorned prep that didn't win homecoming and prom queen. Perez grow up and get a real job.


The show was bad but Perez's body odor was WAY worse! A sick blend of shit,crisco and baby powder.


MARIO LAVENDERIA aka PEREZ HILTON is a hate-mongering PEDOPHILLE! The son of a PUTA got owned! TEAM CRISS !

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