Criss Angel to Perez Hilton: You're a Douchebag!

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Good luck choosing sides in this feud.

At the conclusion of his magic show in Las Vegas Friday night, Criss Angel called out celebrity gossip blogger Perez Hilton.

"I have to recognize someone special here in the house," said Angel, according to a witness. "Perez Hilton, please stand up.... We have the world's biggest douchebag asshole in the house!"

According to reports, Perez Hilton smiled broadly and replied: "Thanks for the free tickets."

Why did Angel berate the blogger?

Sources say those close to the magician - who has somehow dated Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears and Holly Madison - saw Hilton's Twitter page, which carried real-time updates of the supposedly awful show. They read: "unbelievably BAD!" and "I would rather be getting a root canal."

It's time to choose a side in this battle between blowhards. Whose team are you on?


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I've seen Christopher Sarantakos aka Criss Angel, aka The Mindfreak, in person twice! I've also seen his show Believe in Vegas twice and it was nothing short of exceptional! You don't have to believe that what he does is real, but you can believe in the fact that he leaves many people wondering how he does half the shit he does or at least how he made you think he did it. You can also believe that there isn't anybody else out there that entertains a crowd the way he does, especially when it comes to illusions. Team Criss haters!!!


Perez may not be mister perfect but inside himself he knows he's a nobody, sort of a parasite ....but Chris Angel is silly and boring and thinks he's super cool.... Chris Angel is one of the reasons why i switch away when checking out what's on MTV


I think they both need to grow up. This world has enough bickering to begin with, and childish crap like this needs to stop. Are we still in high school? No, and don't get me wrong, I love Criss Angel, but neither action, his nor Hilton's was called for. I think that opinions are opinions if they're expressed in appropriate manners. They become insults to the audience/public when they are expressed in a child-like manner. Two grown men need to suck it up, shake hands, and focus on their own thing because, as far as I know, both men's acts need improvement, not publicity stunts.


i was at the show when perez was there. he didn't say shit back.


Ive Seen Criss Angels Show 'believe' three times & it was amazing every time. it will be seeing it again & again TEAM CRISS!


They are both douchebags.


Criss WHY WHY WHY???????? First you dated that playbody idiot and made your fans sick of the thought that you actually touched her and NOW THIS. WHY??


What exactly is cool about Crissssss Angel? Is it the S's? Is it the fake crowds he uses on his tv show(does he still have a show?)? The man is a grade-A douchebag. As is Hilton. Anyone that votes is voting wrong.


I want to be like Holly Madison. It is easy all you have to do is get major plastic work done, pose nake and suck the balls of a man who is old enough to be your GRANDFATHER and look at me I am a star hahhahahhahahahahahaha.


This isn't as insulting as Criss Angel dating Hef's leftover Ho Holly Madison.