Craigslist Killer: There's More Coming Out

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Alleged Craigslist killer Philip Markoff broke down during a visit to his family, saying to "forget about [him]" and that there's "more coming out" - meaning either victims or evidence against him in the crimes he's already charged with.

The shocking outpouring came as Markoff spent the weekend meeting with his parents, Richard Markoff and Susan Haynes, and brother Jonathan and his wife, Deanna, all of whom visited him at a Boston jail with his lawyer, John Salsberg.

Salsberg refused to discuss his client’s mental state, but said that: “Philip’s brother and sister-in-law both are very happy they had a chance to see him. They love him dearly. They continue to remain very supportive to him.”

The 23-year-old upstate New York native remains on suicide watch in an isolated cell. Philip Markoff had “markings on his neck consistent with trying to hang himself” and that correction officers have been on high alert.

The medical student stands accused of seeking out women who advertised erotic services on Craigslist, robbing them, and fatally shooting Julissa Brisman, 25.

Some who knew him wonder if his brash, intense and occasionally off-putting behavior is a piece with the portrait that authorities are now painting.

In other news, the August 14 dream wedding on the Jersey shore between the accused sociopath and his fiancée, Megan McAllister, has been called off "for now," according to the leader of what would have been their wedding band.

It was bound to happen.

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I watched most of the movie on limfitee last night. I was saddened either way. It is very tragic to me that this person, if in fact guilty, it does seem that way, somehow was messed up to kill. I would like to see some research into what made him do these things. It's a tragedy. Clearly he was very gifted. I was very sorry for his fiance, and of course the life of the girl he took, but also for his own life that he took. Very sad. I can see also the truth in saving the court $ to try him. I suppose i would have supported a lethal injection. I somewhat support you take a life you give yours and yet, it's complicated. It's just very, very sad all the way around.