Correction: Natalie Mejia is Dating Chris Brown

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Earlier today, in our zeal deliver the most up-to-date entertainment news to our readers, we reported that Chris Brown was spotted at a tattoo parlor with ex-girlfriend Erica Jackson.

Turns out, we were only partially correct.

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Singer Natalie Mejia has now confirmed that she was actually the woman on Brown's arm Saturday afternoon, telling

"It's true we did visit a tattoo parlor together, but I can't say if we got anything done because that is personal."

So, is Mejia dating the girlfriend-beating Brown?

"Things are going well between us," she said. "[He] has treated me like a gentleman at all times actually and there are no complaints."

Mejia is a member of the unsuccessful all-female group Girlicious. If she continues to date Brown, her love life will go as well as her singing career.

Click on the photos above to enlarge pics of Chris Brown's new punching bag girlfriend, Natalie Mejia.


and i will ALWAYS support natalie mejia
through everything
and your wrong because even if she is dating chris brown it wont affect the love she has for her carreer and for the girls and would never let them down chris would have to get it through his head tht her carreer is important to her. ive known natalie since the begginging of girlicious and been with her through thick and thin and i love alot. shes like a sister to me and i do have the same lsat name as her and i supoprt her so i dont think you should be going around telling bad things about her because who carees if shes going out with celebrity chris brown thats her choice shes a smart girl and she knows what shes doing.


I agree with JoJo and Laura M
Natalie is an amazing person and I have had the PRIVILAGE of talking to her and getting to know her. She is so kind and AMAZINGLY talented singer. she even writes her own songs that happen to be amazing and about 87234793274982 times better then you could im sure. so if i were you i would shut the fuck up and stop dissing someone you dont even know.
By the way - Girlicious just went PLATINUM in Canada.
FYI - THAT MEANS THEY ARE UBER FAMOUS over here in Canada. so shut up and stop talking shit bout my favorite girl Natalie Mejia. She is amazing and she knows it and so do a whole lot of other ppl!


i agree JoJo this article is downright disrepectful. Natalie and the rest of Girlicious are EXTREMELY talented AND hugely successful in Canada and soon to be other parts of the world. stop spreading crap..Natalie is one of the sweetest people you will ever meet..i've met her a couple times and have talked to her many some respect..Chris would be LUCKY to have her and to the person who wrote this.. this girl is NO Rihanna....she should scrape some of that make up off and deflate those plastic boobs of hers...she looks like a hooker! you're really mature
stop being jealous bc Nat has a better body and prettier face then you


i know Natalie Mejia & Talk With Her From Time To Time & The Other Girlicious Girlz. And They Are Very Much successful. & Natalie Is A Smart Girl. & For U To Write That Her love life will go down like her Singing Career Ur WRONG!!! i got so much LOVE, SUPPORT, & RESPECT for Natalie. I Dont Like Chris Brown Either For What he had done to Rihanna Either. but dont be talking bad about Natalie. damn People Have No Lives To Be Writing And Talking Shhh.... About People To Get A Story.


this girl is NO Rihanna....she should scrape some of that make up off and deflate those plastic boobs of hers...she looks like a hooker!


whoever wrote this is an asshole fucking sack.......get a life I love chris and its ALLEGED you have no idea what happened that night....and NO I'm not a black girl from the fucking ghetto which is what every american seems to think any1 who supports chris is! I just happen to think you people are bullies and assholes he's 19 get a fucking life!

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