Correction: Natalie Mejia is Dating Chris Brown

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Earlier today, in our zeal deliver the most up-to-date entertainment news to our readers, we reported that Chris Brown was spotted at a tattoo parlor with ex-girlfriend Erica Jackson.

Turns out, we were only partially correct.

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Singer Natalie Mejia has now confirmed that she was actually the woman on Brown's arm Saturday afternoon, telling

"It's true we did visit a tattoo parlor together, but I can't say if we got anything done because that is personal."

So, is Mejia dating the girlfriend-beating Brown?

"Things are going well between us," she said. "[He] has treated me like a gentleman at all times actually and there are no complaints."

Mejia is a member of the unsuccessful all-female group Girlicious. If she continues to date Brown, her love life will go as well as her singing career.

Click on the photos above to enlarge pics of Chris Brown's new punching bag girlfriend, Natalie Mejia.


that jasmin girl i know natalie from high school she was a bitch to me she stole my boyfriend chris she is un faithful she is a skank nasty bitch


Why is it disrespectful? It's the truth. The complete truth. This bitch is MAAAAD ugly. I mean look at her broken looking nose which looks like she TRYING to make her nose look straight or proportioned. WHICH IT IS NOT PROPORTIONED> She is UGLY and has a face like a boxer. She looks like a dog and her inflated boobs have to go. She has too much make up on and doesn't hold a light to Rhianna. Rhianna is SOOOOOO much prettier. I tell you one thing this Natalie person will never measure up to Rhianna. She can't even sing and her group isn't successful. No one cares about this corny ass group. THEY SUCK and she is UGLY wears too much make up and needs to see a shrink for dating that woman beater Chris Brown.


"[He] has treated me like a gentleman at all times actually and there are no complaints." Huh? He has treated me like a gentleman? Isn't she a woman? Lmao :'P


If Natalie wants to be stupid, then let her. She sucked in the Girlicious show that aired in the US last year sometime. She was a "B" then and is still one. Why in the world would anyone want to be the rebound girl? ESPECIALLY from a women beater? If you want to find her dead body somewhere...I say let her be stupid and date him. More power to her to stand up to his fist beating her unconscieously until she is dead.


Chris brown gone beat her up he aint nuthin but a coward for beating up rihanna and now hes dating a bitch that he doesnt really know rihanna shold be out there on bobby valentino dick getting fucked but instead shes on the high seas recovering from what that coward did to her she was suppose to be my future wife but now it seems like she will nevr date again all because of that stupid fuck chris brown he should be ashamed of hisself stupid abuser


natalie por que esta namolando por que voce mitinho
em sua vaca locra galinha chris brown ele e meu
vio meu meu namolado não crietidro sua fofoca
locra estrannha metida vacabumda feina chris brown
ele e minha niquem vai minha malocra
ele e lindo caletico cibatico calinhoso fode
cara e fofinho e voce não pesta sua
vacabumda vio olha chris eu te amo adeus
vacabumda tchau vaca


hi guys and gurls its meh again!! um if any of u thought i was wrong about my last comment im sorry.natalie is a grown woman and shes independent nd she did what she wanted to.and yes its meh the 11 year old from the last one.shes a beautiful lady and i wish good luck for both of theme( thats only if there really going out)


omg, is she really gonna fall for him, i can tell rihann is probley mad right know.i would never go wit him its not cause of his actions its cause im a lil gurl im 11 halla, i woulndt wanna be his gurlfriend. girlious is my group though.but i do think chris and rihhanna where both wrong for there actions rihhanna atakked and so did chris. so im not on any ones side. im happy chris wasnt sent to jail and im very happy rihhanna is doing very gud.but im just a lilgurl ~what do i know~ plus these r just my options so i felt free to let it all lose. and chris im still your fan and rihanna im still your fan


shut up he is not a girlfriend beater rihanna made him made cause she gave him std and he just went crazy think about it what would u have dont tell u da truth its not chris brown fault its both but rihanna and chris brown are in equal trouble so all yall fuckin poparazzi need to mind yall BUSINESS CAUSE YALL GETTIN ON MY NEROUVS AND IF CHRIS BROWN WANT TO DATE Natalie Mejia THEN LET HIM


i agree with tammy dont talk stiff if u dont no natalie mejia go get a life n go fuck ur stiff glg all day n got something to say get at me

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