Correction: Natalie Mejia is Dating Chris Brown

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Earlier today, in our zeal deliver the most up-to-date entertainment news to our readers, we reported that Chris Brown was spotted at a tattoo parlor with ex-girlfriend Erica Jackson.

Turns out, we were only partially correct.

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Singer Natalie Mejia has now confirmed that she was actually the woman on Brown's arm Saturday afternoon, telling

"It's true we did visit a tattoo parlor together, but I can't say if we got anything done because that is personal."

So, is Mejia dating the girlfriend-beating Brown?

"Things are going well between us," she said. "[He] has treated me like a gentleman at all times actually and there are no complaints."

Mejia is a member of the unsuccessful all-female group Girlicious. If she continues to date Brown, her love life will go as well as her singing career.

Click on the photos above to enlarge pics of Chris Brown's new punching bag girlfriend, Natalie Mejia.


hey give the guy a chance people can change. that's why famous people should not date other famous people it always ends in chaos because one wants everyone to feel sorry for her specifically RIHANNA. HATE HER.


YEAH people are just jealous
natalie yo doing it Great But plss men! youre
to good for chris brown he's soo
POKO macho For u
you need a strong men! and HOT! 2.!


u Poeple are so jealouse about natalie cause she beautifull she a sExy hot pretty gorgues LATINA ! !


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Natalie u fucking bitch


Well all i hAv 2 say is dat no matta wut CHRIS BROWN did 2 rihanna ima allwayz LLuv him nd his misic..I dnt no wutz trUU bout him nd Natalie...bUt if day do got sum goin on i thank people shULD let dem BBBB....bUt Chris if it dnt Wrk out wit Natalie....jus giv me a hoLLLA at Yhu is SEXXYY!!! ...I aint mAd at yhu NAT...Unless yall reaLLY


Yall need 2 stop hating.Dont u have something better 2 do than talk trash.Pleause let Chris Brezzey live his life.Yall need 2 stop acting like yall the one who got hit.I bet yall dont even know the whole story damm get over it please!!!!!!


Natalie Mejia Doesn't have fake boobs, Hers has always been natural from a start and who ever wrote this is a asshole about calling the girlicious group "unsuccesfull" please when the show called pussycat dolls in search for the group called girlicious that was the damn best television show on cw11.


ur dumb because he admitted to doing it.........and as far as this goes i believe that Natalie is a beautiful female and should not waste her time with a sleaze like chris brown


hi natalie so what's up
fucked hoe so u with your boyfrriend chris brown he is fucked gay man get tile u

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