Coming Soon: New York Goes to Work

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In March, the national unemployment rate rate hit 8.5 percent, the highest in more than 25 years. It will likely climb to 10 percent by the end of 2009.

But why should millions of people out of work prevent Tiffany Pollard and VH1 from shamelessly exploiting the job market?!?

Pink Wigging Out

Having (shockingly!) failed to find an acting gig in New York Goes to Hollywood, the waste of Oxygen is set to star in yet another reality show.

On May 4, New York Goes to Work premieres. Throughout the series, viewers will vote on the variety of jobs that Pollard attempts to keep. If she impresses employers, she'll collect a cash prize; if Pollard quits or gets fired, she gets nothing.

Except publicity and the temporary possession of an occupation that a hard-working American might actually need to support his family, that is.

Click on the promo images of Pollard below to enlarge images of her making a mockery of the job market...


New york why did you leave come back w/ more shows


all i gt to say is that i love you and keep doingwhat you do!!!!!dnt let no one bring you dwn.


Ok, this will never get posted but I can't help but wonder, in times when jobs are hard to come by and a neighbor is out of work should we hate the neighbor if they land a halfway decent job?
Is this hollywoodgossip or currentecononomicconditionsgossip? hmmm...
The funny quirky personality of NY delivers exactly what (normal) people want from a TV show, a chance to smile and escape from the crappy reality of day to day garbage like someone calling themself Hilton Hater. This nobody blog writer deserves oxygen? People like this thrive on a free spirit like the NY character because they are miserable and won't be watching this show? yeah, right!


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