OctoMobile Window Smashed By Morons

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Okay, we hate on Octomom like crazy, but this is kinda messed up.


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    I will not waste any time watching her on TV. There is so many other shows to pick her. She is a disgrace. She looks like a cross between Michael Jackosn and Mona Lisa. She is a big time scam artist only second to Bernie Maddoff. She wants sympathy and it is a way into your wallet. ALl she does she go shopping. SOme of you dummies out there, wake up and smell the coffee cuz you been con into donating to her online website. She lies, lies, and lies. Have you notice someone that is on government assistance is wearing designer clothes, buying $1000 Mac comestic, able to afford so many comestic surgeries, lip injections, juvaderm injections. Her octulets is not a miracle from God. God made her infertile for a real good reason and she changed it with science. It is her plan to live the lifestyle of the rich and famous without having to work her way. She is such a shameful person. Nayda lies, lies and lies. She is a demon and those that donate to her with regret it.........


    Stop demonizing her! Last I heard, Nadya Suleman is not a member of the Charles Manson gang, yet she is being treated as one. The vitriol being aimed at her is usually reserved for the likes of Hitler! You wonder why her car was vandalized? It's the media's incessant feeding frenzy of Nadya and all the negativity. It's a witch hunt! Please stop it and try to put a positive spin on it so that you don't inadvertently "encourage" some moron to hurt Nadya or her precious babies.
    Why doesn't the media go after Gloria Allred, who made a bad situation worse, and on her many TV appearances, seemed to be suffering from apoplexy and on the verge of hysteria seemed like "Chicken Little" crying that the sky was falling instead of sounding like the voice of reason. Nadya seems to be doing just fine without the publicity hound Gloria and all the trouble she caused.


    No matter what the stupid TV networks do, this will be yet another reality show that I won't watch. People that watch all this stuff probably elected the Reality Show President too!!!

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