Bridget Moynahan to Gisele Bundchen: Get Your Own Kid

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Bridget Moynahan is reportedly furious with Gisele Bundchen after the supermodel boasted about her new role as stepmother to the actress' son.

The Brazilian beauty married Tom Brady in February. They have been together since he split from longtime ex-girlfriend Moynahan back in 2006.

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Moynahan announced that she was pregnant with Tom's child, John Edward Thomas Moynahan, now 17 months, just weeks after the two split.

Bundchen recently gushed in Vanity Fair that she has a great relationship with the boy, even claiming she felt as if he was "100 percent" her child.

Gisele probably only meant that in the sense that she is wholly committed to her role as a stepmother to John, but the model's comments were not received favorably by Moynahan, according to a report in the New York Post.

A pal of Bridget Moynahan's said "If Gisele loved Bridget's child like he was '100 percent her own,' then she would not talk about him in the press."

"Don't you think Jack will grow up and read her comments and find them disrespectful to him and his mother? If Tom Brady is such a great father as everyone likes to say, then you would think that he'd respect the privacy of his young child and would ask his wife not to use his son as a publicity prop and a subject of public discussion?"

"Is she really so desperate for attention that she can't find anything more productive to talk about other than Bridget's child?"

Zinnnng. Your move, Gisele.


Wow @Forest! Bridget was on the cover on Vouge,Cosmo,Self…when she was a model!
Before acting! Look @ all the blockbuster movies she's been in.And now she's on one of CBS' TOP SHOWS! That's D list!!?


Bridget is just bitter because she can't get a Vanity Fair interview that everyone reads. Instead she is degraded to the d list magazines perfect for D listers as herself, such as getting a HUGE paycheck for OK magazine selling her baby's photo. Gisele didn't do that. Gisele didn't sell her wedding picss. Dont hate because Gisele gets A list interviews such as Vogue,Harpers Bazaar and Vanity Fair and people read what she says. No one cares about SJP's co star from 10 years ago.


it's lame, Gisele is a good girl, actually, she's saying this while she's preg. Bridget, set up the "kid" issue to trap Tom, finally lost it. Don't argue with a Top Model in the world about the "desperate for attention" thing, because, nobody cares this old lady. Sarah Jessica Parker is the only brilliant star in that seriez, and Bridget? who?


I always wondered about Tom--great football player--but is he a little behind the times--socially and in public. He and Gisele were married in Bridget Moynahan's church, which she attends on a regular basis. Tom and Gisele have no affiliation with that church, but chose to marry there....don't you think that is a little odd? Tom is from northern California and his family lives there now, why not marry there? Unless it was planned to embarass Bridget. The first thing Tom needs to do is have a long talk with Gisele, that is, if he is interested in protecting his son. Why expose this child to the media lime-light now. Get with it Tom!

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