Breaking News: More Taxpayer Money Wasted on Octomom

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In case you didn't hate her enough, just be glad you don't live in La Habra, Calif. If you happen to, our sympathies! Police say the department has spent thousands in overtime pay to look after Octomom Nadya Suleman and her family.


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    I think she is the biggest con of all time,, and anyone who gets sucked into her scam is just crazy... I pity those poor kids, but than again, don't look like she is taking care of them, everyone else is doing that job for her..she is just reaping in the benefits of it all..SHE don't have to worry about a recession....personally i wish she would go into hiding cause i am sick to death of her and her headlines...


    This woman is crazy, I'm really annoyed at what she's doing. A freeloader is what she is. It's bad enough she's slacking off, it's even worse she's using her parents' money (whether they have that money or not is another case). The worst part is, she's also using grants/welfare that citizens paid in taxes!



    Lydia, what exactly are you trying to say, dear? I'm afraid that you are completely incoherent; and Ainsley Jo, you are living in a dream world. No one is going to buy your story. Nadya is boring, boorish, banal, and beastly. She is fading away just as she should. We'll all be glad to see her go.


    lets hope she dosnt want "1" more again...she might end up with 10.


    AJP, you're back (again).
    If Suleman came to my house, I'd hide in the back room and call the men with white coats! She and her publicity-seeking whorishness have ruined a perfectly nice neighborhood. She's a narcissistic moron, and no one with any sense or sense of responsibility can stand to be around her for more than five minutes. She's obnoxious, ugly, and misguided as heck--and she herself let the media know when she was bringing the first baby home, thus precipitating the media onslaught. She should have to pay the taxpayers of CA and of La Habra back. She's a parasite and a disgrace to parents everywhere. Let us hope the witch leaves our neighborhood as soon as possible. Yeah, go Nadya, GO AWAY!!!


    Lydia, you've said it so well!

    Nadya hoped that she would fit into the neighborhood instead of being an outcast.

    When death threats are made against you and your family and your property vandalized, you have the right to as much police protection as you can get.

    I hope that there is at least one neighbor who thinks like you do and has the courage to show it. There probably ARE neighbors there who would love to drop by for a visit and/or invite Nadya over to their homes, but they might also become shunned and threatened.

    Lydia, keep on being bold and outspoken! It's said that you've got to stand for something or you'll fall for anything--such as this mob mentality of hating on Nadya and family.


    lydia i do agree that alot of money is wasted on the war but she does too. she already had 6 she couldnt pay for. 6 that she already used food stamps, disability payments and student loans to take care of them. why would you need 7. she already had 6. i think thats enough. she wanted 1 more and got 8 more she cant take care of. she cant even take care of them on her own. think about it. she already had 6 she couldnt pay for why in the world would you want "one" more? thats just stupid. and now here she is getting all this money and buying a bunch of shirts and pants for her self. buying a bunch of make up that cost alot for her self. she didnt need another one.

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