Audrina Patridge Previews New Reality Show

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Audrina Patridge is leaving The Hills behind.

The beauty is set to star in her own, untitled, totally unscripted reality show - and she provided fans with a preview of it at the premiere party for her first movie, Into the Blue 2: The Reef.

“It’s my life after The Hills, my journey. It’s going to be a little spicier, edgier, older," Audrina told People. “It’s also [about] how I stay grounded with my family."

Naturally. Inviting cameras into your life, and starring every week on MTV, is the way most of us stay grounded.

Click on the pics above to enlarge shots of Audrina at the premiere for Into the Blue 2: The Reef.

So, will occasional boy toy Justin Bobby be featured on the new series? It doesn't sound that way.

“There’s going to be new love, romances,” Patridge said. “[I] could resolve things [with Justin Bobby] in a good way or in a bad way. You’ll have to see."

As for leaving The Hills...

“There is a sadness … [The show] gave me these opportunities, and the cast and the crew almost became like a family. But at this point all of us are ready to branch out, and I feel like all of us have changed and matured so much that we’re ready to go out for the next big challenge.”

That next big challenge? Continuing to star on an MTV-produced reality show. Way to branch out, Auds!


Sorry, I do have a clue because I know that personal relationships are much more valueable and make you HAPPY then being FAKE and FAMOUS, aka unhappy.


hahahah TEAM AUDRINA xo


RUFKM Audrina is the most loyal and caring/loving friend you will ever have, IF YOU ARE WORTHY ... as for lame idiot who commented as ACIME? She is famous and deserves to be true to herself Duhh as for you ???????? you probably are not famous so you dont have a clue... Dream on WERE PROUD OF her site 2 get a clue dude/biotch or ??????you are.


I like how she just said that her "friends" were just a cast, it's sad she doesnt' care at all anymore, it's just all for the fame.


Audrina looks so pretty, those dumb axx lies about chin inplants and nose jobs make me laugh so hard, I love her I love her I love her, to death


Audrina is the perfect girl in the NOW , I will totally watch her new show. She is it- along time waited and paid her dues, GO AUDRINA


She is my going to be great so many people are ready for new stuff, Audrina is going to be a Superstar, in my eyes, I love her, and MTV also, what an oppurtunity if MTV picks up her show w Mark Burnett, wow wow wow wow


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[The role is] giving me the chance to show people [what I can do]. This is why I moved to L.A.

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