Ashley Tisdale and Scott Speer: Caught Kissing!

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If Ashley Tisdale wanted to keep her relationship with Scott Speer quiet, she shouldn't have referred to him as a "hot friend" last week.

She also should have been more careful when swapping spit with the music video director.

The High School Musical star was spotted playing tonsil hockey with her new boyfriend last night, as the pair just couldn't keep their hands off each other inside a parked car.

Watch Ashley's reaction upon being caught kissing...


oh G! i agree with this article she should've been more careful if didt want them to know she was dating him but i guess it's not really her fault i mean what she gonna do?who doesnt wanna kiss their boyfriend??its those papzz, he's really hot by the way!!! really hot!!


i fell soz 4 ashely why carnt they leave her in peace for once its pointless spreading roomers celebs have feelinghs to you know


lol, u should of seen her reaction ! lol but i think they should ban papparazzi's


does he have a nice ass ceause if you say yes try with him love ya girl


they r cute but y wont the stupid paparazzi people just leave her alonne for 5 seconds may-b she would actually get in a relatioship


awe! Cute pair! They are so worth each other! Go Ashley!


hahahaha her reaction is so funy ..


is he hot?


Totally agree with you girl!


hes fit

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