Ashlee Simpson Posts Bronx Mowgli Pic on Twitter!

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We've been wishing for years that someone would come up with a way to let us tap in to Ashlee Simpson's innermost thoughts ... or whatever goes on in the empty void where a brain would typically be. Then along came blessed Twitter.

The last time we saw poorly-named Bronx Mowgli, he was but an infant on the Wentz family's holiday card. Now look how much he's grown! Wide-eyed, wonderful and seemingly unaware of the ridicule he will one day receive at school.

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Here's the adorable photo that his mom just Twatted ...

Guess if celeb gossip magazines aren't offering you millions for a Brangelina-style photo spread, you might as well give 'em away for free on Twitter, right?

All we can say is run for it, Bronx Mowgli. Sooner or later, mom and aunt Jessica are going to sing for you, and you don't wanna be near anything made of glass.


I find your negative digs at an infant quite pathetic author. I may not care for the kid's name either but I'm not insulting anyone over it.
To be quite honest i don't see the point. one last thing...exactly WHO will be teasing this child in school? Pilot Inspektor? Harlow? Honor? Banjo? Satchel? Dinem? ETC. You *DO* realize this child will be going to school with children equally "yoo-neekly" [uniquely] named right?
I find the whole "your kid will get teased" argument asinine. If it's not your name it's your clothes, shoes, hair...FACE...something. Kids are mean period. if we all went through live worried about what others would think of our "poorly named children" we'd all be named Jane and John, oh how fun.
I'm not a fan of Ashlee or her big sis. But i cannot stand adutls picking infants. Perhaps YOU need a nap author. Bottom line Author...get a life. J. Kristen Out! ps. Adorable baby!


He's soooo cute ! just like the father.:)


Aw... Bronx is so cute. I'm a huge fan of both Pete and Ashlee and them being together.
To the author: Would it kill you to be happy for them? Jeez, let them be. Stop being so mean, its not like if they were happy, you would die or get hurt or something. =\ Sheesh, what did they ever do to you?


Awwwww he is so adorable!!!


i am a HUGE HUGE fan of Pete and ashlee and they have the cutest baby ever!!! and you people who don't like them or bronx's name don't be so negative, either be happy for them cuz they have a cute, healthy baby and a good marriage or just stop commenting bad about them and just leave them alone and just go be negative to someone else!!!! i LOVE fall out boy they are the absolute BEST OF THE BEST and have the GREATEST songs EVER!!!!!!!!


Come on author, give them a break, let them be happy - why so negative?


I think that baby Bronx is so adorable! I am a HUGE!!!... fan of Ashlees, she is a wonderful lady! I wish them all luck and the best :) -Mariah

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