Another Tabloid Cover for Melissa Rycroft

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Melissa Rycroft looks exactly the same on Dancing with the Stars as she looked on The Bachelor.

Okay, she's a bit happier on the former show than she was at the conclusion of the latter.

But has the beauty's body really changed that much over the last few weeks? Yes, according to Us Weekly, which is milking Rycroft's popularity for all its worth, throwing the reality TV star on as many magazine covers as possible before her 15 minutes are up.

This week, Melissa and Julianne Hough lead the issue, which promises "sexy butts and legs" by summer. The secret? Get dumped on national TV, starve yourself in depression and then sign up for a dancing competition!

Melissa Rycroft didn't win over Jason Mesnick, but she's become the darling of the tabloid world.


This isn't Mesnick. The only person who can be even remotely this jealous is a woman. A woman who is fat and unattractive and cannot be happy for other people's good fortune. So she sits on the sidelines and turns green with envy. Go Melissa!


What, is Mesnick paying you? Are you cousins? From the start, you have been bigging the jerk up and taking pot-shots at Melissa Rycroft. Bizarre how you defend an ass like him who dumps his fiancee and five seconds later kisses another woman on the same sofa, whilst constantly tearing down the woman who behaved with decency throughout the whole thing. Check your moral compasses.

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