American Idol Recap: Adam Lambert's Mad World

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It's a "Mad World" for Adam Lambert. All other American Idol competitors just live in it.

The singer put on maybe his best audition last night. We know that's saying a lot, but here's all you need to know about Lambert's rendition of "Mad World" by Tears for Fears: Simon Cowell gave him a standing ovation!

You really need to watch this performance RIGHT NOW.

In the interest of fairness, here's a look at who else impressed the judges last night:

  • Danny Gokey kicked off the night in style with an emotional version of "Stand By Me."
  • Matt Giraud, rocking a Justin Timberlake-like fedora, was told by Kara that his “Part-Time Lover” was “incredible on every level.”
  • Allison Iraheta tackled Bonnie Raitt’s “I Can’t Make You Love Me.” She turned the ballad into an emotional rock song and received praise from Paula: “You gave all of your heart in this song."

Click on the photos below to relive every finalist's performance. Then, write in and let us know who you think will finish second. Because, come on, Lambert has this thing won...

Young Talent
Mad World Performance

Adam is by far the best thing since Kelly Clarkson!!! He and Allison should be the last two standing. With Adam winning, of course!


I love Adam and I think his sexual orientation is nobody's business! I admire him for being true to himself. Thanks for existing Adam! keep shining!


Did I think Adam was incredible last night? Nah he's had better performances & there's a lot more he can do if you've looked up his pre-Idol stuff on his mspace. But he was no doubt up there. I think Simon gave him a standing O out of courtesy as they ran out of time AND I think he genuinely liked the perf. The high energy, crazy performances which I love, aside, Adam also sounds stunning singing without his signature rock wail OR without his falsetto which he should showcase - although it didn't do Mercury, Prince, Robert Plant..any harm. He's not the 2nd coming but IMO, IS the most exciting & talented contestant. It helps he has an amiable personality, brains, sense of humour & musical artistry too.


Week after week Adam Lambert brings the house down. He's without a doubt "A Super Star". I'm compelled to rewind his performances over and over again. Thanks American Idol for such talent should be shared with the world.


adam brings it every week. amazing!! he picked a song that
seems so appropriate for the times we are living in. we are
living in a mad world right now and his performance brought
tears to my eyes. can't wait to see how he will top this one!


I really hate it that Adam is gay, but I do not see that should interfere with his being in idol. He is far the best singer and deserves to win. He really needs, however, to get his life on the right track.



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