Ali Lohan is 15 Years Old

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Ali Lohan is just 15 years old.

We feel the need to remind readers of this fact after the aspiring celebrity was photographed in Hawaii this week, straddling a surfboard, flaunting her cleavage and smiling for the paparazzi.

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Ali likely earned a bonus on her allowance from attention-starved mother Dina for this one. She's clearly taught her youngest daughter well.

Ali Lohan cannot legally drive, drink or vote. But, hey, you're never too young to shake your breasts at a photographer!


Molai kari


NO respected plastic surgeon who put implants in a 15 year old girl. No offense, guys sound like idiots saying "they're so totally fake!!!!!"'s called PHOTOSHOP. AND she's pushing them together with her arms. I mean, really guys.


I think Ali Lohan is gorgeous I'm 15 years old and there are no girls at my school who look anything like that. She is amazingly pretty. And those boobs are banging!


i dont think her boobs are fake. if you look closely you can see her arms are pushing them together. that makes them seem more round and pushed out. normally i would say no right mother is going to let her 14 year old daughter get breast implants, but thats not a good example because her mother isnt "right". i still dont think theyre fake, but id sure like to get a closer look ;) ..yeah shes 15 so what?? welcome to 2009


Why are you losers jealous of a beautiful 15 year-old girl?
Haven't you perverts ever heard of puberty?
Why do you keep staring at Ali's body if it makes you mad?


You can tell her boobs are obviously fake by how rounded they are at the top. Breast implants for a 15 year?


Those are so totally fake!!!!And normally I wouldn't comment, but the Lohan clan made such a stink about them being real. LMAO!!


I think people are too harsh on young celebrities. Not that Ali Lohan is classed as a celebrity. I am 15 years old and if Miley Cyrus, Ali Lohan or anyone like that think they have it tough they should try living my life. Everything I do is critisized. You get called a slut for the stupidest things. Seriously even if you miss a button you'r trying to show off your boobs! I really don't think there is anything wrong with this picture, you can't critisize a girl for putting her arms forward for God's sake!


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Ali Lohan is Lindsay Lohan's younger sister, and the youngest daughter of Michael and Dina Lohan. Pray for her. Seriously. Ali Lohan is... More »
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I grew up watching Lindsay. It made me want to do what she does.

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My mom is just a regular mom trying to help her kids follow their dreams.

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