Alex DeSilva: Arrested for Rape

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Alex DeSilva, a former choreographer on So You Think You Can Dance, has been arrested for multiple sexual assaults.

The 41-year-old jackass was taken into custody in connection with four sexual assaults that occurred between May 2003 and March 28, 2009.

Alex DeSilva Mug Shot

Alex DeSilva has been arrested for the worst kind of crimes.

According to Los Angeles Police Department:

“The four victims in this case were all students of DeSilva at the time of the assaults. The victims alleged that he lured them to his homes in North Hollywood and Van Nuys. He then used a ruse to get them into his bedroom where he raped them.”

DeSilva is being held on $3.8 million bail.


So here is my question, WHY IS IT EVERYTIME SOMEBODY GETS ARRESTED FOR SOMETHING PPL HE KNEW ARE LIKE "OH NO HE WOULD NEVER DO THT". How do you know? Do you live with him? Are you with him 24/7? Are u videotaping him behind closed doors? NO!!!!!! Just bc you know him a certain way doesnt mean he isnt the monster they are saying. This is another example of why RAPE victims have a hard time coming forward, bc there is always someone tht the RAPIST knows standing near the first camera they see to "defend" this man....makes me sick!


I find this hard to believe. I studied with the guy for over a year. There was nothing that would lead anyone in class to believe that he would be capable of this. I’d want to hear it from the salsaritas that frequented his classes, danced professionally with him, knew him inside and out. Otherwise, I have to wonder. I don’t want to second guess LAPD, nor the women. If he’s guilty, I’m glad he’s been caught. But . . . this is a honey-trap town, and he was big enough to be a target. Dating in this town can be treacherous for both women and men. Alex, if you’re guilty, then I’m glad you got caught. If these were set-ups (and yes, people reading this, if you’ve ticked somebody dangerous off, four women can be a set-up) then Alex, my heart goes out to you.


I'm a salsa dancer. I have seen Alex become a great and popular salsa dancer throughout the years. I must admit that he can be arrogant, but that’s only a personal trait that has nothing to do with being a bad person. The truth is that there are many women that call themselves dancers and they get dazzle by his talents. These women believe that by sleeping with him they will become a priority for him, but far from becoming a priority he loses interest in them, so instead of incarcerating Alex I believe that they have to send these women to an intense course so that they can learn how to keep their legs close. I’m tired of non dancers coming to the salsa seen, sleeping with dancers and giving us (Dancers) a bad reputation when in reality the people that are looking for sex is not the dancers because for us dancing is our priority and passion in a night club, instead people that often look for sex partners in a night club are those who don’t have the dancing talent.


I have been in and out of the Salsa scene for almost 15 years. I'm no hater...but if your a good dance then your a good dancer, if you are a good looking guy... then you are good looking. I'll be the first to admit the truth...but I remember when Alex was coming up as a dancer... and I can tell you personally I know SEVERAL girls who he has slept with and they have said that his way to get them in bed is through his dancing. After he's done with them he end the intimate relationship by telling them he has STD...what a pig. I'm Sorry he's guilty!!


I've known Alex for sometime as well as he has dated some girls I know, none of them have said anything negative about him. As a matter of fact, everyone I know have only good things to say about him. Why have not the police done anything before?
This sounds like a setup! He knows a lot of girls. Many girls want him to commit. He does not want to. You do the math...


I've known Alex for 3 years, I'm a mechanic, I have built some cars for him, and although you never know how people are behind closed doors, he seems like the type of person to NEVER do something like that. If, these women really were raped, why didn't they arrest him on the spot when they reported it. Don't the police use rape kits? Alex teaches hundreds of girls, why would he jeopardize his life and career doing these things he was accused of? At this point it's just all accusations. Let's just see what happens!


I know of Alex for many years and I am less than surprised w/ the allegations.He is an arrogant pig and this appears to the general consensus. I would not be shocked if more and more victims come forward. Alex, you are a DIRT BAG!!!




I went to high school w/Alex. Knew he was a great dancer, always had many girls. Saw him again dancing Salsa in San Francisco on the streets during Carnival. Next years later there he was again on TV doing So You Think You Can Dance! Imagine my surprise..the only person ive ever known who kinda made it big..well.sorta..Now this!!! ALEX you pig!!


i know alex de silva personally,bieng involved in various salsa congresses throughout the years. and this does not surprise me!!!these so called "salsa celebreties" basically think they have thier pick of women and that any woman would be lucky to sleep with them.your dealing with some major machismo and it's easy to see how a situation like these came about...

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