Will Jason Mesnick and Molly Malaney Get Married?

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After a stunning turn of events to conclude an epic 13th season of The Bachelor, the controversy surrounding Jason Mesnick and Molly Malaney may finally be abating.

But will the lovebirds actually tie the knot?

Some critics have lambasted Jason for publicly dumping Melissa Rycroft, who he initially offered the final rose (and an engagement ring) on the series. Similarly, many others faulted Molly Malaney for taking Jason back after the whole charade.

Given these developments, and the fact that a whopping none of the previous 12 stars of The Bachelor have wed their final rose recipients, it would seem, at least on paper, that the odds are highly against Jason and Molly walking down the aisle.

Will they beat those odds? Tell us in the survey below:

Jason and Molly

Will Molly Malaney marry Jason Mesnick?


No, I do not think that Molly & Jason will stay together. After what he did to Melissa and picking Molly as second best, I am ashamed of her even taking him back. She should have not given him a second chance. I think Molly is a smart girl and she will see right through Jason.


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I really feel for Jason.He had a very tough decision to make,and I know that ending things with Melissa was probably one of the hardest things he felt he ever had to do.However,I strongly admire him for his honesty--with Melissa,Molly,AND himself.If his heart wasn't in it with Melissa because he had such strong feelings for Molly,I think he did the right thing.Jason went on THE BACHELOR in search of true love,and I was so happy for him when he finally found it.I seriously hope Jason and Molly stay together forever.They are a GREAT couple,and I wish them all the happiness in the world.Congratulations,Jason and Molly!!!


I think the most disappointing thing about the whole issue here is Jason potrayed himself as someone who was honest and he should have been up front with Melissa about Molly. Molly is just another player in the scene but she better have her eyes open this is probably just a taste of things to come. No I don't think Molly did this to herself. As far as Molly being the classier of the two the only one who lacks class is Jason. If Molly has feelings for him she is an adult and can do what she wants. Jason is just fickle and if something better comes along he will probably follow that tail. It just shows his true character in the end and I think when the first wasn't exactly what he thought it may be he started going after the other one.
Good luck Melissa you keep your head up and you will find someone who is good enough for you just when you least expect it.


Would any of you critizing bloggers spend your life with someone you didn't love just to please the public? I think not. We don't know the whole story but I think Jason is putting it mildly when he states they didn't connect or communicate the way they did in front of the cameras. Melissa defined her self early as "the one who always gets dumped", maybe unknowingly she did this to herself. Molly is the classer of the two and I think she and Jason will last.


"Let he who is without sin cast the first stone". Good luck Jason and Molly.


I am so thoroughly disappointed in Jason and in the show...I was a big fan of both and after things "played out" the way they have, I am a fan of neither. I looked forward to Monday nights and allowed myself this somewhat "guilty pleasure" of watching such a show because I had perceived Jason as one of the "good guys." He's let everyone down by the way he handled this situation and the show will have a very hard time convincing viewers like me (or ex-viewers) to tune in again only to be deceived into thinking any of this was either real or sincere...shame on all of you.


If the DWTS thing turns out to be true... more power to Melissa. She deserves her moment in the spotlight too. Jason and Molly are not running from every possibility to be on camera. If they truly want to get to "reality" then get off the talk shows. The fairy tale will end and when it does Jason will realize he made the biggest mistake of his life.


I get the whole follow your heart thing but where is Molly's dignity? Think about it. Jason proposed to Melissa and dumped Molly. Things mutually didn't work out with Melissa and Jason.. I get that but I don't think the way it was handled was appropriate. Producers be damned. If Jason had an ounce of respect for Melissa and himself for that matter, he would not have agreed to handle it this way. No sooner does Melissa get out that door and he is "all over" Molly. Does that woman have no modesty? The way she handled herself on the last show of Bachelor was enough to disgust me. Have a bit of decency. In my opinion it was Molly not Melissa in it for the win. Just think of all the money she and Jason are making from all the talk shows and People magazine. I really don't think they will ever marry. Molly is too fake, and that will come out sooner or later.


Good luck to Jason and Molly....They do love each other and deserve all the happiness they can find in this life. People need to quit bad mouthing. Let Jason and Molly get on with their life....in peace!!!! They both followed their hearts and are standing strong together !!!
And, just for the records...poor, pity party Melissa sure isn't staying out of the limelight....not only does she admit to having a boyfriend (who she has been dating for the last two years) hmmm..wonder who is the cheater ??? But she is going on DWTS.....Just her style....Enough of her already...wait until she actually gets "dumped" off the show...People cover your ears...the foul mouth will run amok.. Many blessings and happiness to Jason and Molly...and Melissa...well? She will make her own nest of disaster again as she has done so many times in the past !!!

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