Who Was the Real Winner on The Bachelor?

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When the dust settled after a highly-rated and "shocking" season of The Bachelor, it was Molly Malaney who bested the competition and won Jason Mesnick's heart.

But how does that compare to what her two runners-up received?

Fan favorite Jillian Harris landed her own show as the next star of The Bachelorette. After being spurned on the "After the Final Rose" special Melissa Rycroft scored a spot on Dancing with the Stars and is already a bona fide hit.

Molly Malaney won a relatively handsome, upper middle-class guy with a decent job and a four-year-old son. We wish Jason and Molly all the best, and think they got a bad rap and make a great couple, but we're just sayin' ...

Who really won this season of The Bachelor?


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  • Awaiting the Final Rose?
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Jason is a sorry excuse for a man. Molly should wake up and dump him. Molly, you are not really in love. You are just in love with the idea of falling in love. He is not a good catch. If you stay with him, you are just as a-- hole as he is. You'll see that more opportunities and better suitors will come your way once you drop him. Anyways, how could you settle for just second choice? What he did to his ex fiance melissa , he is capable of doing to you. He really is not that great. And he is far from being a model single father. What a disgrace to single fathers that he has that website. Jason, you fooled as before, but no more.


Melissa is the REAL winner...she didn't end up marrying a sociopath.


ok for starters i would like to say this show is a joke. i mean its kinda of a good idea . but at times how could jason realley say he loved thses girls when he did god knows what with all of them. i am a biug fan of this show but couldnt completly undertsnad how he could do something like that. i always thought that jason and melissa were perfect from the start , when she met tye man that was the cutiest thing ever he took to her right away . on the other hand when molly met him at first he didnt like her that much . wouldnt you rather keep the one your son likes more . even when jason asked her. this must be difficult for tye . 3 mother figures in his life and hes like 4 . no effance to anyone .but man melisa rocks . hah :)


Jason lives in a small ugly house and doesn't make any money. Throw in the fact that he's divorced with a kid and cries like a 4 year old. This is a good catch?


Who gives a flying fark about the bachelor? Find a nice man, and you won't have to live vicariously through such a pathetic show...