Vanessa Hudgens Knows How to Pump it

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Good to see Zanessa weathering yet another storm.

Apparently unfazed by her boyfriend's recent naked romp with a hot model, Vanessa Hudgens filled up her tank (while Zac Efron sat in the car) in L.A. Thursday ...

Vanessa Handles a Hose

The Hudge gets her pump on while Zac kicks it in the passenger seat.

Click here to see the Zac Efron pics in question - and then click to enlarge more photos of Vanessa filling up below. There's even a shot of her and Zac in the car together.

Seriously, it is. You can make them out if you squint real hard:

Hmm, Decisions, Decisions
Pulling Up Her Pants
Regular Unleaded?
Pump, Pump, Pump
Vanessa at the Pump
Zanessa Rides!

[Photo Credits: Splash News Online]


vannesa u are so smart l like the way u treat you hair and you look hot .


i love her hair and it's not dirty gosh u ppl get ridiculous sometimes. Vanessa looks soo cute! i think shes to good for zac though shes a gorgeous girl any guy would like to go out with her




I really love zanessa either im you no.1


Does Vanessa ever wash her hair? it always looks so dirty.



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