The Hollywood Gossip Caption Contest 75

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Welcome, fans of celeb news and gossip, to The Hollywood Gossip Caption Contest, our Friday feature in its 75th week. Who won this week's Caption Contest?

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    Keep smiling if you want any shot of playing my daughter in Diehard 7!


    Did you erase the video from last night? I mean come on people, it's Bruce here. Am I the only one that figured this is why the ex had to date a kid just to keep up the same level of bunny humpin' all night?


    yuk u ugly white people. man you guys should be used as sluts, cuz thats all u good for, u AINT got booties, you dont have personalities , the only thing your known for are your blondes who are fkkd up and supid, good lukk wif thatt and were it will take uu, SLUTT


    smile, youre in love, remember?


    lets get them back for harrasing us with their cameras (paparazi)


    OK honey, I'm thinking a full frontal shot for my Twitter page. That'll blow Kutcher's granny panty shot out of the water!


    Hope I can get it up for you dear? Why did you marry a limp biscuit? Oh ya the $$$$$$


    If I accidentally call you Demi, just fake a smile.


    Don't these OLD farts get it.....beautiful younger women make you look older not younger !!!


    I'm gonna take a photo of you with this camera and then use your pic to compare you with Demi. OK?

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