The Hollywood Gossip Caption Contest 74

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Welcome to The Hollywood Gossip Caption Contest, a Friday celebrity gossip tradition now in its 74th straight week. Who won this week's Caption Contest?

President Barack Obama's visit to the Tonight Show led to some good captions, but our winner is hilda. Congratulations! Thanks to everyone who played!

You hear about that Chris Brown story? Really went to town on her, jeez.


Barack: I'm telling you Jay, this country is headed for a very deep depression.
Jay: No shit, you're our president.


Hey Jay, wanna trade jobs? We both use a teleprompter and tell bad jokes... It's basically the same thing when you think about it.


you hear about that Chris Brown story? really went to town on her, jeez.


Obama: pppsst...I'm about to say something that would have every left-wing bleeding heart up in arms if Bush said it but I'm Obama so no problems, RIGHT!


Obama: I'm special, don't you know. Jay: Yea in a olympic kind of way!


Barack: I got a joke for you. What's better than winning a silver medal in the Special Olympics?
Jay: I don't know. What.
Barack: NOT BEING in the Special Olympics.

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