The Bachelor Winner is ... Melissa Rycroft!

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After what was an incredible 13th season and an emotional, two-hour season finale chock full of twists, turns and heartbreak, Jason Mesnick got down on one knee and proposed to Melissa Rycroft on The Bachelor Monday night.

It was an outcome many expected ever since a promo appeared to show Melissa's pinky ring. But it wasn't just ABC's sloppy editing job that gave the ending away - the chemistry between Melissa and Jason was palpable from the start.

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This is not to suggest Melissa Rycroft had it easy tonight. She was grilled hard by Jason's parents and brothers and even more importantly, win over little Ty.

Runner-up Molly Malaney put up a heck of a fight, only to fall just short. She may be second guessing the re-use of her high school prom dress as we speak.

As for DeAnna Pappas' much-hyped return? Well, that was completely useless, staged and comical, but it at least ate up a good 10 minutes of air time.

In the end, absolutely no one could quite measure up to Melissa Rycroft's rare blend of beauty, love and charm. She and Jason Mesnick are engaged and happy ...

... or ARE they?

You may have read The Bachelor spoilers suggesting Melissa and Jason are headed for a shocking early breakup - with Molly taking her place by his side.

Is this for real? Would you be happy if so? And did Jason make the right choice? We'll find out on the "After the Final Rose" special airing ... right now!

Sound off on Melissa Rycroft and The Bachelor finale below!


OMG!!!!! What a crock of ... unbelievable he may think he did the right thing but he is just a stupid idiot that doesnt know true character if it slammed him on his bachelor head. I truly believe things happen for a reason and Melissa is much better off with that freak... I feel bad for Ty all the while trying to protect him he goes and does this what a loser make Melissa the new bachelorette so she can find her true love...


Melissa and Jason were perfect for eachother, and i think that he should of stop being such a jerk and try to work things out. Holidays arent enough to work something out, if you have a problem, and instead of Jason working it out he ran to Molly. I hope Melissa is the next bachelorette because she deserves to be with someone that will be with her and not run off to another girl just because you dont feel the connection any more, by the one more time holidays arent enough time to gain that connection you had together. Jason and Melissa didnt see eachother for a couple of weeks and that probably was what Jason thought when he said it changed. What if Jason thinks about Melissa while him and Molly are dating? Melissa had alot more love and happiness with Jason than Molly, you can tell because when they went on dates Jason and Melissa were just happy.


This Show Is not Real Life it to me is fake. life is not like this or you have a bushel of money. lets get real and tell it like it realy is.


Melissa, A man's rejection is God's protection! Jason is a Jerk! Run Melissa Run! Molly was so fake and had no chemistry with Jason.


Oh and one more thing======= That whole time you wanted to meet her parents!! OMGoodness MOM and DAD you are wise to not go on the show to meet him!! All Jason done the whole time last night was making excuses.he is so fake.


Melissa! I wanted you to be with him. You are just so awesome and very beautiful inside and out. You should be the next Bachelorette, I will only watch it if it you! I really wanted you to slap the wining wimp out of him he is going to treat Molly the same way he will never change. You know what is sad out of all this is ty. My heart is so broken.


Bring Melissa on as a bachelorette!! Let Jason live with his choice.


I will not watch this show again. It is too scripted and Jason is a creep. If he torn, then he shouldn't have picked and destroyed the emotions of 2 people. Molly needs to see through him and see that he is just simply an indecisive man...who another 6 weeks, he will be in love with another woman and she will get hurt again. We should have just listened to the reasons why he is divorced. He deserves to be single forever!


Jason and Nadya Suleman should get together, as they are both mental cases. I have not watched past "Bachelor" seasons because I thought that everythings was "staged"; but I relented this season because I thought that Jason was a "true gentleman"...but I boy was I WRONG! I will NEVER watched the this stupid show or the "Bachelorette" again - I hope it gets cancelled.


Jayson you are a DUMB ASS!!

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